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Lookie What I found6

Now I know what you're thinking: "This is going to be something about durability, right?" No. This is about the differences of Superman and Goku's power.

In Dragon Ball Super episode 77, Goku reminds Zeno about the Multiversal Tournament (in the process being responsible for more death than Frieza and Buu combined) as a result of getting bored and not getting the training he usually gets to the point a bullet grazed him.

In the JLU episode "Destroyer", Superman gives a revived and upgraded Darkseid a thorough thrashing giving what has been dubbed as the "World of Cardboard Speech" (A fundamental part of telling a story is conflict: you want the hero to have their problems and, hopefully, overcome them in a satisfactory manner.)

These two illustrate the nature of their abilities: Goku is all about pumping himself up, to new levels and become stronger. Superman is about having the power of a god and wanting to do right by humanity.
Lookie What I Found5
I have heard from many people that Goku is supposed to be a straight up hero, being as moral if nor more so than Superman himself. This is complete Bunk.

Akria Toriyama revealed in the Wired Japan magazine and the 1997 Kanzenshuu that Goku was always itching for a fight because he wants a fight, not because it's to stop a bad guy. And that he was dissatisfied with the “righteous hero”-type portrayal.
This can be seen quite a lot. He only let Vegeta and Frieza (twice) go because he wanted them to get stronger, not so they can change their ways. He hoped Kid Buu came back good was so that he could have a good fight. He only allowed Gohan and “Team Gotenks” (side note, isn't that a shipping name?) to fight Cell and Buu because he wanted to give them a chance!

As for Superman: I know a quote from an actor instead of a creator, but this gets the message across just as well. Superman is a hero because of how he uses his power, not that he has power. He often rushes to the first hint of trouble. He got a job as a reporter so he could be at the front lines of when danger is afoot. Heck, he even when in a conflict that is just as much about ideals as it is about dealing with a threat, he managed to disable 4 anti-heroes without killing them! People often use pages out of context or even non-canon material to make Superman seem less of a hero.

Am I saying that Goku is not a hero? Of course not. He is an anti-hero. What is an anti-hero you ask? Well it is quite simple. Take any character from super powered fiction and forget where they stand in terms of good and evil. You take into consideration what they do and why/how they do it. Heroes do good things for good reasons in a moral way, villains do bad things for bad reasons and through immoral ways, anti-heroes do good things for bad reasons (such as fame or fortune) or by doing bad acts (murder) and anti-villains do bad things for good reasons. Goku is an anti-hero because his motivations only align with the good thing to do because the plot demands it.

Outer Space, Warworld…

Kairo groggily opened his eyes. The previous events were oddly blurry for the young Kryptoamazon, only that he was attacked. Rubbing his eyes, he noticed he was not only with Terry and Lisa in a large dark area, but they all had collars.

Terry, Lisa! You alright?” he asked, getting to his feet.

The son of the Batman got up first. “What the hell was that?” he asked, fiddling with his mask.

Lisa laid on the ground and put her hands over her face. “People, stop yelling.” she grumbled.

Lisa would’ve continued, but she was cut off as something appeared suddenly and landed near them.

Lisa sat up and looked over at what appeared before them. “Isn’t that-.”

R’Iva!” Kairo stumbled forward but managed to reach his martian friend. “Are you alright?”

R’iva looked at Kairo as she looked to him. “Kairo?” She then noticed Lisa and Terry. “Guys… what's happening…?!”

Just as confused as you, green girl.” Terry asked, trying to get to his feet.

As if on cue, the same event that produced R’Iva in the unknown location repeated. This time it was two boys.

Pins and needles!” Donnie Allen yelled, shaking his leg. When he noticed the four other young heroes looking at him, he got to his feet as he generated his uniform using the Speed Force. “Forget you saw that.” he said nonchalantly.

Great, Speedy Gonzales is here.” Lisa commented snidely, getting helped back to her feet by the Dark Knight’s son.

Nice to see you to, Luthor.” Shockwave replied in kind.

Martin floated to his feet and formed his uniform. “Does anyone know where we are?” he asked, prodding at the collar he was wearing

From what I can tell ya, it ain’t the circus.” Constantine replied, walking to the others.

You too, Zach?” Terry asked, turning to the magician.

Nice to see ya too, Hoodie.” Constantine responded.

And where did you come from?” Shockwave asked, eyebrow raised.

Zach smirked. “I was here for about five minutes before the Brainy Twins and Prince Sparkle Rope woke up.” he explained before looking around. “Low lighting, echo-y room. I assume that some James Bond type will come in and explain everything.”

The heroes turn to a portal that opened from a ledge above them, which a Colan appears by walking through. “Greetings, Earth residents. I know you have several demanding questions, so allow me to explain.” the Colan announced to the teens.

Told ya.” Constantine muttered to Terry.

Terry turned his head to his friend. “Anyone could’ve seen that coming”

I am Vroc Drol. The Technology Regent of Warworld, representing my superior, Mongul. You are all now property of Warworld.” the Colan continued, either unaware or not caring about the muttering heroes.

Wait, Mongul?” Terry exclaimed, widening his eyes.

You know about Mongul?” Martin asked, surprised at Terry’s knowledge of the extraterrestrial.

Let’s say bedtime stories are interesting when I was young.” Terry muttered to Martin.

Who cares, I'll flatten this guy in a millisecond!” Shockwave boasted. He ran at at Vroc Drol at blinding speed, but gets shocked and falls down before he can land a punch. The heroes ran to Donnie’s side to check if he was alright.

But mommy, I don’t wanna shave Grodd today…” the Speedster petered out.

The collars on your necks won't allow such a futile revolt. They're attuned to your bodies and powers. You will not be able to teleport, warp out, etcetera.” Vroc explained to the heroes “Any attempt in removing them will result in the same shock. Any success in removing them will result in death. Mongul doesn't want any of you dead. That is bad for profit.”

Profit? You are trafficking us?” Lisa asked, subtly configuring a device in her armour, though with little success. “Mongul must be a bigger idiot than I thought.

Don’t bother, any ways of communications to the outside of Warworld is blocked.” Vroc told Lisa, surprising her. “You will now be transported to your holding cell. Food and other necessities will be provided to you eventually.”

Transp-?” Kairo tried to ask, but he was cut off in mid-teleportation.

Intensive Cells…

The young heroes were immediately teleported into a dungeon.

Jon, you holding up? I mean, we did just teleport.” Lisa asked, regaining her footing.

Kairo groaned. “It doesn't matter now. Is everyone okay?” he asked everyone else.

We’ll be better when I get us out of here via a bi-.” Zach began to speak as the collar shocked him, stopping him from his attempt to remove the collar and making him scream in pain. “Arrgh!”

Shockwave looked at his collar. “Maybe I can vibrate out of this stupid thing.” he suggested, electricity beginning to spark around him.

Martin took a meditative position. “But I thought you said you aren’t that good at phasing yet, brother.”

If Dawn can do it, I just have to try a bit-.” he said, about to vibrate through his collar, only to receive a large shock that surprised him “Graagh, COME ON!” he yelled in frustration.

Everybody stop.” Kairo yelled out. “What that Coluan said was true. These collars are attuned to our bodies and powers.”

R’Iva slumped down. “This is bad…” she muttered.

Well what do we do, fearless leader?” Donnie asked, still on the ground.

Dad says if we're in a situation when captured to get a layout of where we are.” Terry spoke up, adjusting his mask. “So let's see what this whole place is.”

The seven then explored the spacious holding cell, but as Kairo had gotten near to the shadows, something rushed at him, snarling wildly.

Kairo sped back to avoid the attacker, and instinctively charged his heat vision while the others had rushed over to help him. Surely the attacker would have tackled Kairo if not for an energized chain keeping him tied back from them. Also shocking the assailant from lashing out even more.

Lisa looked at the snarling alien in shock. “What the hell is that?”

The light from Kairo's eyes showed the figure to be a burly pale humanoid whose face was covered in rugged facial hair and unkempt hair, with red eyes.

Martin took a good look at the alien “I… think that’s a Czarnian.” he said as his ring beeped. “Oh wait, no… a hybrid Czarnian.” he corrected himself until his ring beeped again. “With Almaracian, apparently.”

Guess this bloke is in the same situation we're in.” Zach commented as the hybrid sneered at the teenage heroes, going back to his spot and sat there.

Only he's been here longer.” Donnie commented to the Lantern in the room.

Let's leave it be.” Kairo told the rest of the group, walking away from the hybrid.

Donnie sneered at the order. “Come on, he probably doesn't like you. I mean, you are hard to get along with. Watch me.” he commented, approaching the hybrid. But as he got close, he was sent flying from a telekinetic push by the hybrid, crashing into a wall. “…Nice catch, guys. Ever considered baseball?!” he yelled at the rest of the group.

Kairo gave a little smirk. “I told you.”

Bite me!” the speedster told him, limping past.

The young heroes kept to themselves for a while, trying to come up with an escape plan or any way of contacting their parents. Until a large platter of meal was left for them by a service drone. The meals included different alien cuisines and dishes. They all approached and examined what was to offer.

Looks like grub’s up.” Donnie commented, looking at the bizarre foods.

While most of the teens looked at the food, unsure if any was eatable, Martin helped himself while Lisa was the most uncertain of all.

Is it supposed to move?” she asked, poking a certain alien dish. She then noticed the Blue Lantern, eating the food as if he didn’t know what he was consuming.

Zach winced in disgust. “How can you eat that stuff?”

Martin swallowed what was in his mouth and cleaned it with a construct napkin.

When you travel space with your parents, you're bound to come across different alien foods. Most of this is healthier than some of the things you get on Earth.” he answered, happily receiving food that Donnie didn’t want. “And yes, Lisa, that is supposed to move.” he added, eating some more.

Terry was just about to grab a piece of meat that looked like something he recognised, but it was pulled away toward the hybrid.

Hey!” he began, but the hybrid gave a ferocious growl and glare at Terry. “Okay, it's yours. Geez…”

R'Iva had shapeshifted a pouch that was inside her that carried an 'emergency supply' of oreos. She paused as she looked back at the hybrid who was chowing down the meat. R'Iva felt compassion for the hybrid, so she wanted to show kindness. She stood up and walked over to the hybrid.

R'Iva what are you doing?” Kairo asked, noticing the Martian leaving.

R'Iva stood in front of the hybrid, and the hybrid looked back with a scowl. The Martian gave a smile and extended her hand with oreos.

You want some?” R’Iva asked, smiling at the hybrid.

The hybrid frowned as it gave a confused look, so R’Iva had to try harder.

They're oreo cookies. Very tasty!” she encouraged, extending her hand further.

The hybrid looked at the Martian girl, who was still giving a kind and sweet smile. The hybrid hesitated until it finally took one cookie. He sniffed the oreo until finally eating it. Then he felt something happening to his face. Something that he hadn't felt in a long while. He smiled.

R'Iva noticed him smile. “See. You liked it? you can have more.” she said as she laid more in front of him before turning her back to join the others.

“…why” the hybrid asked, shocking everyone.

Huh?” R’Iva asked, turning back to the hybrid.

So he can talk.” Terry muttered, eating what appeared to be a drumstick.

Why… give me… meal… you want something… from me…?” the hybrid tried to ask.

No. You just looked like you needed something sweet, is all.” R’Iva explained.

They hybrid stayed quiet. “…sweet…” he muttered to himself.

R'Iva moved closer to the hybrid. “What is your name?“ she asked.

The hybrid stood up, towering over all of the heroes. “Kasador…” he answered with a growl.

The heroes sat there until Donnie broke the silence ”Rude, she didn't offer any oreos to us first.” he muttered.

Nice to meet you, Kasador. I'm R’iva.” R’iva giving a warm smile, extending her hand to Kasador. The rugged hybrid just stared at her hand in confusion, not accustomed to such introduction. R’iva frowned but smiled once more, as she gestures to the others. “These are my friends. The one you almost jumped is Kairo. The one you sent flying is Donnie. The Blue Lantern is Martin. The girl is Lisa. Terry is the one you took food from. And then that's Zach.”

Kasador gave only a glance toward the others. “Hmm. Welcome to Warworld.”

Not glad to be here! The service sucks.” Donnie sarcastically stated.

He's a "lighten the mood" kind of soul.” Martin explained his friend's comment.

So what are you little minx.” Kasador looked to R’iva. “Green or white?

Huh?” R’iva got confused, until she quickly realized what Kasador was asking. “Oh! I'm a Green Martian.”

I heard your types were near extinct.” Kasador said.

Yeah… right now, it's just me and my dad.” R’iva explained.

Do you know what Mongul has planned next for his process of trafficking us?” Kairo asked Kasador.

I've run into Saturnians and White Martians.” Kasador didn't respond to Kairo, still paying attention only to R’iva.

Aren't White Martians crazy strong and viscous?” Lisa asked out loud.

Martin then answered. “Correct. I've only seen a few, but I was on Mogo. He and Mother Mercy were more than enough to fend them off.”

You come from Earth?” Kasador asked, looking to R’iva.

Yeah. Me and my friends.” R’iva spoke.

My mom spoke a lot about Earth. During her twenties how she found a good batch of sex partners there.” Kasador plainly commented.

Terry thought for a short moment, and then said. “Almarac. Twenties. Sex partners. That must mean-”

Kairo interjected. “Your mother is Queen Maxima.”

Kasador still didn't respond to them, as he took a bite off the meat he was eating. “Let me ask you, little minx, you know how to fight?” Kasador asked with his mouth half full.

Yes…” R’iva replied.

Good. Then Mongul won't just throw you to the labor or 'comfort' batches.” Kasador stated.

Question, how bright are the rackets here?” Lisa tried asking Kasador.

Kasador still didn't answer Lisa, nor gave a single glance. This didn't go unnoticed to R’iva. “Why don't you talk to the others?” R’iva asked.

What have they done for me?” Kasador shrugged.

We met ya five minutes ago and you bitch-slapped me into a wall.” Donnie said.

You got up into my personal space.” Kasador finally replying to the other group members.

I was trying to say hi!” Donnie stated.

And I was telling you to frag off!” Kasador shouted.

Settle down, please. There's no need for conflict.” Martin intervened.

Then tell your boyfriend to back up or I put him down.” Kasador growled

As a Blue Lantern, I will simply ignore that.” Martin muttered.

Kairo stepped up and stood in front of his group, facing Kasador.

Was that a threat?” Kairo demanded.

Warning.” Kasador stood up straight, dwarfing Kairo. “You want some of this?”

Kairo was about to retaliate, until he stopped and realized that Kasador was aggressive because Warworld made him that way. Martin is right, there is no need for conflict. Kairo eased up and raised his hands up. “We're just anxious. We got taken from our homes and this is a new environment.”

Hurgh. Freshies.” Kasador, having reflected how he too was taken to this world against his will, understood and went back to eating the meat.

R’iva looked at her friends and then back to Kasador “,… how long have you been here?”

How long? Hmm. Can't say. They don't let us slaves keep track of time here. But But I take a guess for a couple’a years. I was eleven when I arrived here.” Kasador answered.

And now you look seventeen who’s desperate need of shaving.” Lisa added.

How did you get here?” Kairo asked.

I was betrayed.” Kasador answered.

By who?” R’iva asked.

My half-siblings.” the Almara-Czaranian hybrid stated.

There was a silent pause, until R’iva stuttered. “W-why would they do that?”

I'm a bastard. My dad hit it and left, leaving me to my mom who had already begun giving birth to children from warlords of New Almarac.” Kasador simply put as he munched on the last oreo, and walked over to a faucet near to him. “Everyone besides my mom, didn't like me. When the other zhutholes got old enough to learn I would be taking some inheritance, so they became fragging zhutholes to me. In a training trip to one wild planet, they jumped me and kept me held up until Mongul’s executives came and bought me.”

Kasador then picked up a cup of an alien beverage and poured water into the cup, and then said. “Guess how much they thought I was worth then.”

Everyone was silent, hearing Kasador tale of arriving on Warworld. Betrayed by his own family and forced to fight for years in gladiator battles against some of the most dangerous and vicious of alien species. R’iva was already shedding tears.

50,000. You believe that? Hell, I'd be at least 500,000 back then.” Kasador exclaimed in disbelief. He was going to say more, until he felt R’iva hugging him from the side. Kasador raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

I'm comforting you.” R’iva answered.

Kasador was still confused. “Why?”

You had it it so difficult.” R’iva explained.

Kasador thought for a moment, until he finally shrugged. “Well… yeah, it does suck. But, after all these years here, it's kind of numbing.” He looks down to R’iva, still hugging him. “… my mom was the only person who did this to me.

Martin then spoke. “Kasador. I promise, you will be taken back home safely.”

Nightlight, I don’t think the seven of you can really take on the warlords of the New Almarac systems.” Kasador replied.

Looks like you’ve been out of the loop for a while.” Terry said.

The Lantern Corps have allied themselves to each other and protect the universe. My parents are two of the leaders, we’ll get out of here and you’ll be transported home, the situation relayed to Queen Maxima. Mom told me about her, she wouldn’t let anyone send you… here, if she had known.” Martin explained.

Donnie then pipped. “Wait, if Maxima is your mom, doesn’t that mean Lobo is your dad?”

The cool one or the “Edward Cullen pretty boy” one?” Lisa asked.

Kasador gave a confused look. “How the frag should I know. I never met the guy. All I know is that he is a big rugged notorious bounty hunter who crossed paths with a bunch of big time heroes and villains in the universe.”

Cool one it is.” Lisa simply deduced.

Warworld, Arenas and Markets…

Warworld. One would never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Pirates, gangsters, terrorists, warlocks, witches, conquerors, etc. All the sorts of types were here in Warworld for two things; business and pleasure.

One person in particular, stood among other high status individuals in a dinner hall with fancy drinks. Until he heard the large screen giving updates on the newest available slaves that will up on the market.

From Earth, Master of Warworld has attained custody of the Earth's Greatest Heroes' children.” an astral image of a woman on the screen stated. “Among them, the child of Kal-El, also known as, Superman, and the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman.

The man looked at the profile image of Kairo that was displayed on the screen*

El.” the man whispered, so he looked into a tablet looking at the amount of currency forward by his master. He wasn't supposed to purchase slaves, he was supposed to recon the galactic network of crime and return information to his superiors. “A member of the House of El. The Prime Minister will be most pleased.”

While there were mysterious figures in Warworld, there were familiar faces too. Warworld attracted the likes of the Reach. In this case, the Scarab warrior of the Reach, who stood alongside the official he had been tasked to protect.

This human is the son of the Flash, a being even faster than Superman himself.” the computer said.

The Reach Negotiator looked at the screen, and then looked into a tablet for extra info on Shockwave and the rest of this new batch. “This could prove interesting.”

Bronze Beetle, the scarab warrior assigned to keep the Negotiator safe, wasn't so enthusiastic. “Negotiator, why are we wasting our time here?”

Reach Negotiator then replied. “Silence, Warrior. Mongul has proven a useful ally in the past. Imagine what we can do with that speed. But let us hear what else Warworld has to offer.”

Computer continued. “Among the youngest members of the Lantern Alliance, Martin Jordan, wields the Blue Light.”

Elsewhere, a Kalanorian female in garb fit for royalty, named Saranna, looked at the screen. “Hmm… very adorable little child.”

The Kalanor Guard gave a puzzled look. “My queen…?”

Saranna then explained. “My children will need a watchdog that gives a soothing presence. Do you suppose your King, Despero, will mind?”

I am not allowed to say. Lord Despero is beyond me and you know more of him than any.” the guard humbly stated.

As it should.” Saranna reassured.

Zachary’s profile then appeared on the screen, with his powers and abilities listed down.

This is the son of the Hellblazer, a powerful mystic of Earth, and the mother is a Zatara, a legendary sorcerer bloodline.” the Computer added.

A demon like creature gave an interested look. “Hellblazer? This is a golden opportunity. The Many brethren of the damned will be most pleased.”

Black Hood’s profile came up, and the computer said. “While little is known of his human, it is evident he is the son of the hero known as, Batman.”

A Tamaranian heard the name Batman, and looked up. “The Batman…” He takes out communicator. “My liege, I may have found something of interest.”

The screen showed R’iva, and said. “Then a rare specimen, a Green Martian female.”

There were rogue Saturnians who all gave interested glances.

Then a human female with high intellect. Daughter of one called Lex Luthor.” the computer finished, showing Lisa’s profile.

In a private executive suite, Granny Goodness sat, grinning as she looked at the roster showing on a screen. “Valuable batch the Debstamian bastard got his hands on.”

Bernadeth, stepping forward, asked. “Which one shall you have me take, Granny?”

Granny gave a quick thought. “Hmm. If any, the Martian and the human girl. They would make lovely Furies, and possible mates for Darkseid's youngest son.”

I shall devise an effort to take them now.” Bernadeth stated, as she prepared her Fahren-Knife.

Granny raised her hand. “Delay that for a moment. I am in the mood for some entertainment, isn’t that right my dear?” Granny asked the younger girl sitting by her.

The child, with a wolf’s tail wagging, look at the New God. “I know what ya mean, granny.” Looking back at another screen showing one of the gladiator arenas.

Another fight beginning, so the audio trumpet played for the opening. A humanoid slave was thrown out into the arena. The slave got back up and ran back to the entrance.

Get out there!” enforcer growled.

Oh, it's dangerous out there!” the slave begged.

No avail, the slave was thrown out once more where a Dryad gladiator stood ready to fight. Rather than fight and get killed, the slave made a run for it with the Dryad running after him.

From the highest executive portion, only accessible to the master of Warworld, Mongul, and his executives given permission to enter, Mongul himself sat looking at the screens showing all the fights going on, the listed numbers of materials and slaves being sold, bids on auctions, etc. Nothing should go unnoticed for the Master of Warworld, but he needed his executives to act as viceroys to different areas of his transgalactic network. Mongul turned his seat to face Tund-Ra and Vroc-Drol.

We had spotted contraband on the Black Market district. A Starro spore.” Tund-Ra updated the latest news.

And?” Mongul asked.

Would you like to make an example out of that one?” Tund-Ra asked.

Remove a limb.” Mongul ordered. “Does Kata see Warworld’s location compromised?”

As of now, she's foreseen clear travel.” the Daxamite stated.

I hope my new highest valued products are comfortable?” Mongul asked.

They know their place, Master Mongul.” Vroc answered.

The Pale Bastard almost clashed against freshies, though.” Tund-Ra commented.

When the extra Intensive Valued Confinement cell is completed, they will be separated.” Mongul reassured.

Intensive Cells…

The main lights to the holding cell had turned off, indicating the time for sleep. The youngsters had all laid down to get rest. All but one. Kairo was still awake while the others were trying to sleep.

Lisa tossed and turned, trying to fall asleep. Until she noticed Kairo still awake. “Hmm?” Lisa sits up and faced Kairo. “Can't sleep?”

One of us needs to remain awake.” Kairo replied.

For what?” Lisa asked.

For anything.” Kairo said, and faced Lisa. “Go back to sleep. You need your rest.”

Lisa replied. “So do you.”

My unique hybrid physiology keeps me going. You humans aren't built like me.” Kairo stated.

Lisa looked at Kairo with a scowl. “Excuse me?”

Kairo heard Lisa’s tone, and with a bit of confusion to her upset tone he responded. “Well you are.”

You're not humble for humans like your dad.” Lisa commented with a pout.

Martin, who also couldn't sleep, sat up. “You guys too?”

Donnie, hearing the others waking up, stood up quickly. “Sleep is not something Speedsters do often.”

They hear mumbling of some sort of dialect, and see R'Iva on her knees facing the ground. Kasador, still in his part of the room, looked over. The hybrid then asked. “What's she doing?”

Kairo listened to R’iva and heard her speaking in the Martian language. That, with how R’iva was kneeling down, Kairo easily deduced. “She's praying to H'ronmeer.”

Donnie, in his most respectful manner, asked. “Who in the name of Grodd’s britches is ‘H'ronmeer’?”

The Martian god of Fire, Art and Death.” Martin answered.

Donnie gave a silent pause. “…why would she pray to a guy like that?!”

R'Iva, hearing what her friends were saying, knelt back upright and faced the others. “What you said of H'ronmeer is true, but some factions of Mars and Saturn see H'ronmeer as a god of light and life.”

Kairo looked around seeing everyone awake. “You all need to get rest.”

Zachary, now also awake, replied. “That'll be real easy in a dank dirty jail cell with the threat of fighting monsters in the morning.”

He has a point, Kai. Though, I guess what we can do is try to keep calm.” Terry said, as he takes a meditative pose.

Meditation. I assume Tibetan?” Martin asked.

Terry answered. “Samatha, it helps calm the mind.”

Martin then takes a different meditative state, and says. “Interesting. I meditate as Saint Walker has taught me.”

Lisa begins tinkering with her armour, while Zachary began playing with some cards. The Luthor noticing, puzzled. “How do you have playing cards?”

Magic, I don’t have to explain it.” Zach plainly stated.

Donnie zips over, and asks. “Need someone to help pass the time?”

Sure. More the merrier.” Zach then deals Donnie in. The magician looked over to Kairo and Kasador. “What about you, Superboy Wonder? Shaggy?”

Donnie looks over to Kairo, who was now floating above the same spot arms crossed, while Kasador was sitting back in his spot.

Kairo answered. “No thank you.”

A low growl was the only thing heard from Kasador.

So you're just going to sit there doing nothing? At least those two.” Lisa began saying, as she points to Terry and Martin. “Make it look stylish.”

I am meditating in a sense. Just not in the way they do it.” Kairo replied.

Martin opened his eyes, and looked at Kairo. “Says the guy who doesn’t seem to be at peace.”

I’m meditating in the sense of deep thought.” Kairo explained. “Reflecting on a saying; You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

I don’t think that is any meditative discipline.” Terry said.

Kairo gave a disappointed look. “Then you know nothing of the Stoics.”

What we are doing is, simply, keeping calm.” Martin explained, as he starts drawing in the dirt. “The likes of Terry and I are keeping streams calm, stable for the life in and out of it. You, my friend, are a mountain. Strong, sturdy. Though being as such is not good for every occasion.” Martin said, finishing drawing rivers and a mountain.

While the statement was meant to be a criticism, Kairo took it as a compliment. The Kryptoamazon gave a sturgeon face and said. “Well, temperance is a major virtue to Stoicism. As are; courage, wisdom and last but not least, justice.”

Terry decided to weigh in. “Sometimes ya gotta go with the flow. Nothing is ever clean cut or black and white.”

Kairo looked at Terry confused. “What does things being black and white have to do with any of this. While you all remain calm, one of us needs to be on the alert and assess on the situation.”

Martin gave a small chuckle. “You mistake being calm and being unaware.

In great convenience, Donnie tries to sneak up on Martin, who knocks him away with a construct. Martin calls out. “Thanks for aiding my point, Donnie.”

Donnie in the same hole Kasador knocked him into responded. “No problem, bruh.”

Kairo, still not convinced, replied. “Pfft. All that proves is that Donnie sucks at sneak attacks.”

Hey!” Donnie growled.

Lisa, who was still tinkering with her mechanism, was getting irritated by the conversation. “Oh, for the love of Mxyzptlk. Will you just shut up. Some of us don’t meditate and have other methods of not freaking out.”

Zach quickly pipped up saying. “I can try and get us to sleep.”

When were you going to tell us you could you do that?” Donnie asked, annoyed.

When you blokes stopped being a regular Muppet Show.” Zach simply answered, as he put his cards away and clapped his hands and began rubbing them. “Now who wants in?”

I'll remain awake.” Kairo stated.

Lisa, gave a concerned look, and said. “Jon, your physiology gets you a long way, but even you need rest.”

Someone needs t-.” Kairo was just about to defend, until R’iva interjected.

I'll take watch.” R’iva said.

Kairo paused in silence, as he finally acknowledged that he hadn't rested in 12 hour, before they were all abducted. “… very well.”

Kasador spoke up from his area. “I can get sleep on my own. No magic trick is being used on me.”

Zach sat himself to a wall, as he raised his hands and said. “Enoyreve tub Avi'r dna Rodasak peels.”

When the others fell asleep, Kasador and R’Iva were the only one's awake. The Almara-Czaranian looked to R’iva who was sitting cross legged.

Kasador decided to pass the time, and was curious. “You still believe in your god even after getting taken?”

Well, yeah. My dad says to never lose faith. Heck, Martin is all about hope too.” R’iva explained, pointing over to Martin.

They look over to Martin, but are quickly distracted as Donnie twitches his leg. R’iva chucked a bit, and became silent. Having been praying to her god, and listening to her companions talk about the types of meditations, R’iva decided to ask. “Do you pray to a god?

Kasador raised an eyebrow at the question, but took no offense as he answered. “Nah. I mean, there were some ceremonies I did with my family. But it was just ceremonies for me. Not like a prayer would get me out of here.”

You shouldn't lose hope.” R’iva urged.

I still hope. Hope that maybe the next escape attempt will be the one I finally escape. Hope that I get back home. Hope that I see mom again. Hope I will finally be free…” Kasador paused for a moment, hearing how he had just vented his thoughts. The Almara-Czaranian looks to R’iva and added. “And hope I beat those backstabbing traitors that sold me.”

R’iva then encouraged. “If we stick together, we can find a way out of here. We will be free.”

Kasador gave a puzzled look and asked. “You guys serious about helping me? Why?”

It's just same reason I gave oreos. It's love and kindness.” R’iva said, as she was giving another graceful look to Kasador, but Kasador was still not comfortable with her grace. This was no world where the kind flourished, it was where they are sold off for whatever their masters want from them.

Kasador scowled, still not accustomed to this kindness, and said. “Well listen here; Warworld has no time for your kindness. You gotta to be brutal and ferocious.”

R’iva was quiet, as she gave a worried look, hearing Kasador’s tone raising.

Use what you have. You Martians are telepaths, so screw up the other bastich’s mind. Or rip into their mouths, and rip out their insides. Phase your hands into their heads or wherever the hell their brain is, and scramble that motherfragger’s brain like putty!” Kasador growled, as he motioned some of the tactics he suggested. Ending with his hand extending in claw like manner toward R’iva.

I-I… I c-…” R’iva stuttered.

Kasador lowered his tone, and said. “I'm sure we will get out, but you gotta be ready to fight and kill.”

R’iva gave a shocked face. “-kill… ?”

Kasador’s face softened a bit and said. “There are fights where they demand it to the death.” He turns over to his spot and lays down. “Couple a hours and we be fighting. Good night.”

R’iva then sat there more anxious, while her mind went to dark places imagining the possibility of killing the person. A person who is there against their own will as well. R’iva then kept reminding herself to remember what what her dad taught her and pray to H’ronmeer for strength and courage. So that was what she did; R’iva knelt down facing the ground and began reciting her prayer in the Martian language.

Justice League Watchtower…

Lex slammed his fists down on the table. “I trusted you with my daughter for half an hour and she ends up kidnapped?!” he yelled in anger.

Superman and Batman remained silent, both understood Lex’s fury, but someone wouldn't stand by and act as if Luthor was the only one who lost their child. Wonder Woman stepped up, and looked at Lex.

Settle down, Luthor. Lisa was not the only one taken.” Wonder Woman told Lex

I… I’m sorry.” replied Lex as he took a deep breath. “I am not that man, anymore…” he muttered to himself, trying to focus on hand

Green Lantern leaned over to Flash. “I never thought Lex would ever apologize.”

Wonder Woman put her hand on Lex’s shoulder. “It’s ok, Lex. Now, what did we learn about the kidnappings?”

What I can tell ya is it is a magic of some kind, but this one was mixed with some science crap.” Constantine answered.

There have been traces of Zeta-Beam radiation at each scene.” Batman explained, causing Constantine to roll his eyes slightly.

Has Adam Strange responded to our request on tracking it?” Flash asked.

He has had negative results.” Batman answered.

The Alliance is on full alert.” Green Lantern told the rest of the League. “We’re checking though every sector, but nothing’s come up. Likely, we’re dealing with someone who knows how to hide.”

So we don’t know who took them.” Flash deduced solemly.

The list isn’t that long, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be trouble.” Green Lantern replied, looking into space.

Then who are our suspects?” Superman asked.

Cyborg, who had remained silent for the most part, switched on a hologram showing lists.

Cross referencing with Lantern’s database and our own; suspects range from Apokolips to the Reach.” Cyborg presented.

Fits their MOs. Abduction of youth and attempts to make them into superweapon,” Batman paused for a moment, knowing that is mostly the reason why their kids were kidnapped.

Superman looked at the somber faces of his teammates.

We’ll find them. And we will get them back.” Superman encouraged his teammates, as he placed a hand on Diana’s shoulder.

And the Titans of Old help whoever took our children.” Diana stated, as her hand clawed onto the metal table like foil.

Warworld, Intensive Cells…

Through the night, the youngsters had taken shifts of keeping watch. Zach was on his shift; so he was the only one awake. He was utilizing magic to make an astral image of his mom. Then the main lights turned on with a flash.
Blimey! Too bright!” Zack yelled in surprise, rubbing his eyes.

Kairo and Shockwave are the among the first to get up fully alert from Zach's shout.

No, Grodd, not the platypus burger!” Donnie yelled in surprise as he sprung alive.

Kairo was all but speechless. “...I don't want to know.”

Talk about wake up call.” Terry added, unamused.

You get used to it.” Kasador replied, already up and serving himself a cup of water.

The weirdos and their alien food induced dreams?” Lisa asked, giving Kasador an odd look.

The sad thing is, I know what he is talking about.” Martin added, causing Lisa to give him an odd look.

That, and first fights come the day after a slave arrives.” Kasador answered, getting everyone’s attention.

We're gonna fight soon?” Lisa asked.

Kasador nodded. “That's how it was for me and couple other bastiches I met.”

Any particular time?” Black Hood asked, adjusting his visor

Kasador shrugged. “Could be noon, I don't know. It isn't specific.”

Kairo stood up. “So we have time to pre-.” he began to say but was cut off as the group was teleported out of the cell.

When the group realised what had happened, they were all separated in different arenas. Lisa and Terry were in a random city, Kairo and Zack were on a very high mountain peak, Martin and Donnie stood on what appeared to be Odym and R’Iva was alone on a Mars-like desert at the edge of some ruins.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the fights begin!" a voice called out, getting the heroes’ attention. “So says Mongul!”

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Chapter 2: To Battle, Part 1

Washington D.C., Hall of Justice…

Time flies…” R’iva said, remembering the past.

They hear the door open and see their families enter the member's lounge area.

Superman, with his wife and daughter, approached their eldest son. Superman gave a proud smile and said. “Welcome to the Justice League, son.” He hugs Kairo along with Diana.

We're so proud of you.” Diana said.

Kairo gave a small smile, as he said. “This is-.” until suddenly, young Lara jumps on top of him from behind.

Since you’ll be busy with the League… can I have your invisible jet, Kai?” Lara asked excitedly.

Kairo simply replied. “No. And get off me, you're bothering me.”

Diana chuckled a bit seeing the two of her kids. She then remembered. “Oh, speaking of which, the rest of the Themyscirans want to give congratulations to you, Kairo.”

We're going to go all the way to Paradise Island?” Kairo asked.

Diana answered. “No.” Holds up a tablet showing a Skype feed of several prominent individuals of Themyscira. Astraia stepped forth in the screen.

For truth and justice, Prince Kairo!” Astraia cheered. The rest rejoiced.

Lara looked at the tablet. “So we have Skype now. Neat.”

Connor Kent and M’gann were also there, along with a young black haired man with pale white skin and blue eyes, wearing a black coat with a blue scarf. The three approached the others. their son, Kiran. Conner was wearing a black jacket over his signature black shirt with the red symbol of the House of El. M’gann was in her red shirt and dress.

Look who made it to the big league.” Conner said, as he placed an arm over Kairo in congratulations.

Enjoy the spotlight, cousin.” Kiran said.

I'm not in it for the glory.” Kairo replied to Kiran.

Lie.” Kiran plainly stated.

J’onn grabbed R’iva holding her up.

You make make me proud, daughter of mine!” the Martian said with joy.

R’iva triumphantly giggled. “Hehaha! I made it!”

As soon as R’iva was placed down, M’gann pulled her into a great big hug.

M’gann congratulated. “You certainly did.”

Don't be getting distracted by pretty faces, R’iva. The people want superheroes, not romantics. “ Kiran told his cousin.

Oh quiet you. You know, you'd be right for the League.” R’iva said.

I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of guy.” Kiran replied.

Bruce Wayne hobbled over to Batman beyond and extended his hand, followed by his wife and daughter. “I would like to personally congratulate you, ‘Batman’.” he told the Dark Knight, aware of the irony.

Batman Beyond took his hand and the two shook. “It is an honour, ‘Mr Wayne’”.

While this happened, Lizzie Wayne gave a smirk. “It's funny if you know the truth.” she giggled.

Lizzie, shh.” Selina wispered to her chid.

John Constantine patted Zach in the back. “Congrats, you're a cape now.”

Glad to be one, pop.” Zach replied, handing him a cigarette.

Zatanna appeared before Zach and John. “You be careful, Zach. If this doesn't work out, you still have the stage.” she told her child.

Zach smirked. “I have the blood of a Zatara and a Constantine. I’ll be fine.”

Zatanna raised an eyebrow. “It’s the latter I’m worried about”

Flash put hand on his son’s shoulder. “Took you long enough, kid.” The Scarlet Speedster joked.

Shockwave gave a chuckle. “Sorry for not living up to the name, old man.”

Slipstream rolled her eyes. “Don't worry about Central City, I'll hold down the fort when you're out.”

Hey, you know I’ll always be back… in a flash!” Shockwave replied, leaving his sister speechless.

“…My god, you are a less subtle version of dad.” the female speedster responded.

Flash widened his eyes. “My jokes aren’t that bad, are they?”

They totally are.” the twin speedsters replied

Lex walked over to his daughter and gave her a smile. “You take a big step, Lisa. Balancing your work with LuthorCorp and Justice League missions.” the CEO told his child.

Lisa smiled back at her father. “Not too much for a Luthor to handle.”

Lisa turned to her brother, who walked up to her with a sickly look in his eye. “So, you're in the Justice League, sis…”

Logan, I will always be there to help you.” Lisa told Logan, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Not like you haven’t tried.” Logan replied, his eyes flashing purple.

Star Sapphire floated down to her son and gave him a hug.

My little boy has grown up.” she told her son with a proud smile.

Hal put his hand on Martin’s shoulder as Carol let go. “Glad she didn’t have the same reaction when you first got you power ring.” the Green Lantern told his son.

Seriously, it's not that big a thing.” Martin told her parents happily.

From behind, Grace wrapped her arms around Martin. “Yeah, since this cutie is still in the alliance.” she replied, giving Martin a kiss as both James and Alex walked up to their friend.

James’ uniform remained much the same, Alex now wears a heavily modified Sinestro Corps uniform which has a punkish tailcoat design and knee high, high-heeled jackboots. She also changed her hair to have short sides, bang over right eye and tips dyed yellow.

Congrats, man.” James told his friend, giving him a fistbump.

Alex used her ring to float upwards so she and martin were the same height and put her elbow on his shoulder. “I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m still the youngest Lantern Leader.”

Martin raised an eyebrow and looked at Alex. “Soranik hasn’t stepped down yet, Alex.”

In a Korugarian week!” Alex yelled, defending herself.

Shockwave zipped right over to Batman Beyond. “Doesn’t Kairo have the most fangirls out of all of us?” the Scarlet Speedster’s son asked the new Dark Knight.

Girls always like that loner type.” Batman answered back. “But why are you complaining? Isn't there a Facebook page about your fangirls?”

Oh, there is. Some of them are a tad bit insane though…” Shockwave replied

Superman then spoke up for all the families and friends to hear. “Alright, the celebration is at six, all our friends and colleagues will be there.”

R'Iva then asked. “Do you know if Kassie will make it?”

He still hasn't answered.” J’onn answered.

Oh…” R’iva said, looking down.

Donnie stepped in. “He did mention something about Santa Claus…”

Or was it a goat monster?” Martin added

R'Iva gave a confused look. “Santa?”

Kairo then spoke up. “While we wait for the get to together, I'm going on patrol.” Dashes off through the walls phasing through with his speed.

“…a small peck to the cheek would have been nice before he went. ” Lisa mumbled, looking at the wall Kairo phased through.

What was that, Lisa?” Batman Beyond asked, smirking.

Shut your trap, Bats.” Lisa told the Dark Knight.

Seven years ago…


The son of Superman and Wonder woman sped to a Cadmus facility in Neo Gotham. There had been an outbreak and clones had gone out of control, escaping the facility. As he sped to the building and he saw what was escaping, multiple Blockbusters. As he began to combat the escaping hulks, he saw a small object heading to the same location that fired a small projectile at one of the Blockbuster, electrocuting it.

The assailant landed as Superwonder rammed in knocking down several clones. It was the Black Hood.

Really, Kai? It takes Gotham being attacked by monsters to get you to visit?” the Dark Knight’s son asked as he shot a cable at a Blockbuster’s legs, tripping it up.

I’ve been busy.” Kairo replied, punching a Blockbuster.

That's what you always say…” he muttered as he dodged a clone and smashed down on him. “So, how was your week?”

I'm thinking about building my own invisible chariot.” Kairo replied, freezing two clones with freeze breath.

Ooh! Invisible chariot?” Black Hood sarcastically asked. “All you gotta do is make a chariot then install a chameleon circuit.” he added, firing a batarang that released a putty, trapping three Blockbusters.

No chameleon circuit. Just Themysciran mystic-engineering.” Kairo replied as he kicked a clone in the face and punching another in the chest. “Hey, are these clones of Blockbuster?“

Before Black Hood could answer, a flare of energy knocked several clones behind them back. The two boys turned around to see Lisa Luthor landing in power suit.

Yes. Yes they are.” she answered, walking up to the two.

Black Hood gave a smirk under his visor. “You're late, Luthor.”

Lisa simply chuckled. “It’s called a dramatic entrance. Learn to love the flare.” she replied, brushing her hair back.

Focus!” Kairo yelled as he used his laser vision to cut a hole under a blockbuster, causing him to fall.

As the kids fought the Blockbusters, Superman floated above observing his son and the children of of his respected colleagues working together on this field mission. Kal stood near to Batman who too was observing.

How's Selina and Lizzie.“ Superman asked, breaking the relative silence.

Well. Diana and Lara?” Batman responded, not taking his eyes off his son.

Superman gave a smile to his long time friend. “Still wonderful and specta-.”

Black Hood! Crossfire!” Batman yelled into his communicator, interrupting the Man of Steel.

My bad!” Black Hood responded, dodging two of the Blockbusters.

Unknown to the heroes of earth, a being teleported in several miles above them. The being looked down to observe his targets before turning to a communicator on his wrist.

Tund-Ra, what is your status?” the respondent asked.

The lead shields hold and I remain undetected.” Tund-ra responded. “The children are in sight, but there’s a complication. Superman himself is right there.” he reported.

That won’t be a problem, my Daxamite friend.” his ally told him. “Look in the third left pouch on your belt.”

Tund-Ra followed the instruction to find a cartridge of Kryptonite. “Kryptonite? Resourceful little Coluan you are.” he noted, grinning at the glowing green rock.

Were you expecting any less?” the Coluan asked smugly.

No.” Tund-Ra placed the Kryptonite cartridge into his gauntlet blaster and fired it at Superman. As soon as the beam hit, the daxamite flew down and punched Superman right off the building, causing him to fall and getting Kairo’s attention.

Dad!” he yelled, flying up flies to catch Superman, but Tund-Ra zoomed in and attacked him.

I got him.” Lisa yelled, managing to catch Superman.

Batman looked over to see Kairo duking it out with Tund-Ra. “Hood you and I help Superw-.” he tried to say before quickly dodging a flying car. Batman then saw more objects coming at him, as were other metal items around the area going astray.

Kairo was trying to break out of Tund-Ra’s barrage of attacks, but the Daxamite then presses a device onto Kairo. It activated and Kairo was teleported out.

Seeing this, Black Hood was horrified. “Jon!” Suddenly, his suit got caught in a clamp of metal.

He was dragged towards another unknown assailant. With all the metal surrounding him in a vortex, the being was obviously a ferrokinetic. The being pulled Black Hood over to him and threw a contraption onto the young hero. Near instantly, the Black Hood vanished.

One more, Tund-Ra.” the Daxamite’s apparent partner called to him.

Tund-Ra turned to Lisa, who managed to put Superman safely to the ground. “I got her, Etic.”

Tund-Ra rushed Lisa, tackling her very hard before tossing her onto the streets below. Etic used his ferrokenisis to latch a teleportation device onto Lisa, immediately teleporting her.

Tundr-Ra and the Brallian known as, Agn Etic, looked to each other. “We go now.”

In an instant light they teleported out.


M’Gann had decided to take R’Iva along a little visit through the underwater nation of Atlantis. Meeting up with M’Gann’s old colleague, Kaldur, they were being escorted through the capital city to meet with Justice League veteran and Ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman and his family. Both Martians had shapeshifted for underwater adaptation.

How are Connor and Kiran?” Kaldur asked.

They're both doing good. K’iran has shown a lot of interest in puzzles and riddles. Keeps driving Connor’s patience asking him brainteasers.” M’Gann smiled.

When are are we going to meet Aquaman and his family? We're going so slow.” R’Iva urged.

There is no rush, R’Iva.” M’Gann explained.

R’Iva still very eager to meet up with Aquaman's kids and bored, until she looked over to see other children who were travelling through the district with shops and other outlets.

Can I go through the outlets?” R’Iva asked.

Just be careful. Atlantean’s may be strong, but we Martians pack a bigger punch.” M’Gann warned.

You do realize you’re in the middle of an Atlantean community.” Kaldur said.

R’Iva nodded to M’Gann’s warning, and swam off to join the kids.

So, what have you been up to as the ambassador of Atlantis?” M’Gann asked.

Still getting the hang of it. This Khandaq Crisis has been an all-nighter.” Kaldur replied.

A shame the international community only wants us to give relief and that's it.”M’gann said.

R’Iva was looking through shop after shop, until suddenly a pod of killer whales swarmed through the children. The kids all tried their best avoid getting rammed by the orcas. R’Iva even pushing a good number out of the way. But one orca, intentionally rushed toward the Martian. The orca changed shape revealing to be a Durlan.

Huh?!” R’Iva startled.

You're coming with me.” the Durlan stated.

R’Iva sent a telepathic shout. “Auntie!” She begins to struggle. “Let go of me!!

The Durlan pressed a device on R’Iva, and when it activated, she was teleported out. M’Gann, Kaldor and Atlantean guards rushing over, seeing R’Iva vanishing along with the unknown abductor.

R’Iva!!!” M’Gann screamed.

Kaldur needed to act quickly, so he looked to the guard. “Guards, get the children to their parents and form a perimeter for crime scene.”

Yes, sir.” the commanding officer responded, and led the rest of the guards to initiate the plans.

No. No no no no no no no…!” M’Gann grasps her head in frustration and panic.

Kaldur placed a hand on the Martian’s shoulder. “We’re going to get her back.”

Uncle J’onn trusted her to me-!” M’Gann still anxiously muttered.

Calm down! We’re going to set up a crime scene and trace that teleport back. You need to be focused. For R’Iva.” Kaldar reassured her.

M’Gann tried calming herself down, while the Guard had already begun placing barriers around the area for the crime scene.

House of Blood…

Sitting in the study of Jason Blood were Zatanna and Madame Xanadu. The two were drinking tea, trying to comfort the magician.

I don’t know what to do, Nimue. I know John means well, but with all the drunken antics, dragging all manner of monsters in and… I’m just worried for Zach.” Zatanna asked, hand on her temple. “How do you and Jason do it? I mean, no offence…”

It’s alright Zatanna. Jason and I try to keep things professional, what with our work and raising little Rose.” Xanadu replied with a smile “It’s hard, yes. Especially with the complication that is Jynnara, but we make due.”

Meanwhile in the garden, Zach was leaning against a wall. He looked up at the window and sighed as he knew what was happening. Fortunately for him, he had someone else to confide with, Rose Blood. She had long brown hair and wore a very formal red dress.

Your father is bound to a demon, both your parents are well over two hundred years old and you have a sister in your head who is a fully fledged demon. How is your life more positive than mine?” Zach asked his friend, turning his head to her.

Positive is relative, Zachary.” the daughter of Jason Blood replied, still tending to the flowers.

Don’t call me Zachary.” Zach mumbled to himself. “Please, Rosey?”

Rose took a deep sigh. “I tend to take it in strides. Perhaps I’m just more used to things.” she explained. Rose then looked to the side as if someone spoke to her. “I severely doubt that is the case, hellspawn.” she spoke out as if someone else was there.

Zach raised an eyebrow. “Do I want to ask?”

Rose turned to him with a blank expression. “I’d say no.”

Back in the main study, Zatanna and Xanadu were continuing their conversation when someone unexpected appeared. John Constantine.

The Hellblazer appeared from a portal, dragging a fairly large demon behind him.

Hey, Jase. I need an opinion on what to do with this-.” He stopped himself when he saw, Zatanna glaring at him. “Ah, bollocks.”

The hell are you doing here John?” Zatanna asked sternly, still sitting in her chair.

Constantine paused with a second. “Zee, this isn’t what it looks like.” The Hellblazer told the Mistress of Magic.

Dragging in a demon from god knows where to a place where Zach and I happen to be?” Zatanna asked rhetorically.

Constantine rolled his eyes in defeat. “Shit. This does not look good for me.”

No it doesn’t.” Zatanna replied.

Look, All I was doing was looking for Blood. I need his help with this thing.” he replied to her.

Zatanna scoffed. “With your track record, I don’t believe you.”

Unfortunately for the two parents, the commotion could be heard from the garden.

This happens every bloody time!” Zach yelled as he slumped down.

Knowing her friend needed help, Rose walked over to Zach and sat beside him. “Don’t worry, Zach. I’m sure that mother and father will keep them from blowing the place up and calm them down. Then we’ll go out and everything will work out.”

Zach looked up. “I know you’re kidding, but thanks.”

To that, Rose smiled.

Suddenly, out from an open portal, a Naltorian witch snuck in with the help of Warworld technology and her own magic. The Naltorian remained undetected thanks to her stealth spell.

The Hellblazer and Mistress of Magic’s spawn. The adults are just inside. I must make this quick. Remove the other child. No need of her.” the Naltorian stated.

With a swift motion of her hand, the Naltorian fired a wave of energy that struck both children, knocking them out. As the two fell to the ground, she made her way over to Zach.

The adult will notice my spell soon… must not dawdle.” the Naltorian told herself going to Zach.

You’ve done it now.” The Naltorian turned to see that the girl she knocked out had changed. Her hair is now much shorter and white, her skin became coal black, she now had horns, fangs and glowing red eyes. “You mess with Rosey, you get Jynnara!”

The demon leapt at the Naltorian, only to miss as her target disappeared. With nothing stopping her, Jynnara crashed into a stone wall as the adults arrived on the scene, Jason now in the form of Etrigan.

Jynnara, my daughter dear!” Etrican roared, rushing to his child’s side. “Please tell us what happened here.”

My freaking head.” Jynnara said somewhat groggily. “Some witch suckerpunched Rosey and Zach, then sodded off.”

With a scared look on her face, she readied herself “Ekat em ot Hcaz!” Surprisingly, nothing happened. “I… I don’t understand.”

An unknown wench that covers her tracks. Wise or cowardly, she still attacks.” Etrigan explained to Zatanna, who couldn’t help but tearing up.

This is bollocks!” Constantine spoke up, getting everyone’s attention. “Zee, I promise I'll freeze Hell over myself to find our boy!”

Zatanna gave Constantine a smile as Etrigan walked up to them “Constantine, you and Zatanna will come with me. We’ll hunt the scum of hell until your son is free.” he told them in rhyme.

And what about me, dad?” Jynnara asked excitedly.

You will let Rose back out and we’ll search for Zach the way we do best.” Xanadu spoke up, getting the girl’s attention.

Rose is still out cold.” Jynnara replied to her mother.

Then we’ll wait until she wakes up.” Xanadu told her demon daughter, going back inside.

Damn it!” the horned girl yelled as she followed suit.

Constantine hugged Zatanna. “Z, this wasn’t your fault. We’ll find Zach, trust me.”

Zatanna smiled. “Ok, John.”

Etrigan stood over them with a demonic grin. “I promise you two on this day, I won’t rest until the guilty pay. So come one and all, together we’ll make the scum squall.” he rhymed before the three disappeared in a pillar of fire.

Central City, Flash Museum…

The Allens walked through the Flash Museum. Many exhibits were added in the many years of the Scarlet Speedster, ranging from Rainbow Raider’s goggles to an inactive Cosmic Treadmill.

Whoa.” Donnie whispered to himself.

Barry smiled as he looked around. “I know. Put quite a few years worth of work into this place.”

“…Is so boring!” Donnie added, getting his father’s direct attention. “Seriously, how many times do we have to come to this glorified dusty collection?”

Dawn frowned at her brother. ”Donnie, show some respect. The people of Central City made this place to honour dad.” she scolded at her brother.

Barry put his hand on Dawn’s shoulder. “It’s ok, pumpkin. I know you two have been here a lot. This time is different.” Barry explained to her, leading both kids.

And what can be so special that we have… to…” Donnie began until he spotted a room under construction. While the room remained mostly featureless, the sign above the door said “Shockwave and Slipstream exhibit, coming soon”.

Both Donnie and Dawn stood there ecstatic. Even if Donnie wasn’t a Speedster, he’d be sparkling electricity.

Barry leaned between his kids. “You two are now officially part of the “Glorified dusty collection”.” he whispered, mocking what his son said mere moments ago.

Donnie put his hand on his sister’s shoulder and started to shake here, not taking his eyes off the sign. “Dawn, sis, this is awesome!” he told her, getting very excited.

Personally, I like the Green Lantern exhibit.” a voice spoke up from behind. Both Dawn and Donnie turn around to see none other than Marin and Hal Jordan, the Blue and Green Lanterns of Earth. “Though, that might be because I have a bias.”

Donnie zipped right over to his friend. “Marty! The Junior member of the Blue Crew.” the Speedster greeted, fistbumping Martin.

What do we owe the pleasure, Marty?” Dawn asked, walking over to her brother and friend.

Our dads likes to meet up every so often.” Martin answered, high fiving Dawn.

Hal turned to his son and gave him some cash. “Hey, kiddo. Why don’t you and the Allens go get something at the cafe.” he suggested.

Thanks dad.” Martin replied. He walked off and the two Speedster kids followed suit.

So, how goes the travels, spaceman?” Dawn asked as the three made their way to the cafe.

Martin shrugged. “Ehh, I got a bit too used to it. I know this sounds weird, but it kinda gets dull after the while.” he answered straightly.

Donnie gave a chuckle. “Dude, how you get used to aliens will never cease to surprise me.”

All I know is that there is a giant cupcake with my name on-. Martin tried to say until he froze in place upon entering the cafe, as did everyone there, including the Speedsters.

The only thing that was still moving was a man in strange garb, heading towards the three superhero kids.

Well, that was easier than expected. How ya doing, Jes?” the man asked, turning to a woman behind him. She was holding her temples with a strained look on her face.

All these pathetic peons I can handle.” Jes told her ally. “Speedsters, they are a mite tougher.”

The man gave a small laugh. “What, the mighty Jes Ebel can’t handle two children?”

They process so fast, it’s hard to keep up, Rod. Just slap the collars on the boys and let’s go.” Jes Ebel told her partner.

Fine.” he said, taking out a pair of collars and placing them on Donnie and Martin. “Spoil my fun, why don’t ya?”

The very instant the two teleport out with with the boys everything returns to normal, though Dawn became dazed as she was connected to Donnie via the Speed Force.

Donnie? Martin?” Dawn asked, groggily.

While this was going on, Hal and Barry were reminiscing until Hal’s Ring gave a warning “Blue Lantern 2814; connection lost.”

The two fathers glanced at each other and ran towards the cafe. where they see Dawn, looking drained.

Barry leaned down to Dawn. “Dawn, where are Martin and your brother?”

I don’t know… they were right here.” Dawn answered.

Barry gave a concerned look to Hal and turned back to his daughter. “Dawn, sweetie. We will find your brother. I promise.” he told her as he began to lead the way.

I know you will, dad.” Dawn replied with a smile on her face.

The three made there way to a place where Dawn would be protected if someone was to come after her. They entered a Justice League teleporter that was disguised as a telephone booth and left for the Watchtower.

Next Gen Chapter 2a
Colab with superiornite
All characters © DC Comics
Any Revamps belong to us (I think)
Part 2
Lookie what I Found4
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Gotta go fast, gotta go fast. Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!

I should’ve done this after the strength one, it just didn’t occur to me until now. Many people say that Superman is not as fast as Goku, but we do have confirmation that Superman can go light speed, both by Batman relaying the information to Wonder Woman and how Superman can go light speed, but is not doing it at the time, making a conscious effort to stay under. After catching The Flash (who is able to run so fast he can go through time), the two actually shift their speed to go so fast the entire world is at a stand still. Superman can move so fast that everyone is frozen in place!

Goku has not shown anything like this.  When training with Whis, the Angel explains Goku (and Vegeta) can only react so fast as it takes time for a nerve to travel from any of the five senses to the brain to any given body part about 119 m/s. Not only that, but we can say that Goku even as a SSGSS isn’t going light speed as Bulma can seem to keep up in seeing what Goku and Frieza did in that same movie. Hell, Bulma was there for the nine chapters it took for Namek to explode in the manga!

Going by that alone, Superman would be going 2519264.35294 times faster than Goku at most, since we could say Saiyan reaction time could be faster than a human’s… but we can only take so many liberties. Goku couldn’t even be going light speed in Z as he traveled a rough 13,018 miles per hour when flying over snake way, which took him 48 hours.

Sorry kids. Goku’s eating dust.
Less headcanon and more deductive reasoning on this one. Also, spoilers.

I love Miraculous Ladybug. The animation is fantastic, the characters are colourful and even if the story is repetitive, the cheesiness is just great. It’s like Adam West Batman meets anime!

One of the things that interested me was the reveal of Chat and Ladybug not being original heroes, but legacy heroes. I bet you would’ve thought I’d throw my hat into the “Who is Hawkmoth” ring. That dead horse has been beaten enough. In the episode “The Pharaoh”, it’s revealed that the Ladybug Miraculous was used by an Egyptian woman around 5,000 years ago. This was elaborated further in Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1) where we see Cernunnos, Tomoe Gozen,  Jeanne d'Arc and (most interesting to me at least) Herakles.

Now it isn’t given specifically what Herakles’ Miraculous was, but I can give a very educated guess to which Miraculous it was, and it’s the cat Miraculous. Now to show this, I’ll parallel Chat Noir to the son of Zeus.

First of, destruction. Herakles is no stranger to destructive force. At least half of his 12 tasks had him kill something. And the very first two at least were known to be unkillable by anyone else. He also shown feats no ordinary human could do, such as redirecting two rivers to clean the Augean Stables or beating Anteus.
The second reason involves his first trial: he slew he Nemean LION, a CAT. Herakles is symbolised multiple times by a lion and that’s no accident. He killed it and wore it’s pelt as protection, do we know anyone else wearing cat themed clothes?
The third one is that Chat Noir is known to have bad luck because of his Miraculous. Bad luck and misfortune are synonymous with Greek Tragedies and Herakles is no exception. The reason he had to do his 12 trials was because he killed his wife and children, though it was Hera’s doing.
One that may be a reason (though albeit a stretch) is Adrian’s parents. Gabriel Agreste is a very powerful and rich man while many people have paralleled Mrs Agreste with having the Peacock Miraculous. This could parallel to the father and step-mother of Herakles, Zeus and Hera. Zeus was the king of the gods and had a lot of power, Hera was often symbolised by a peacock. This is a stretch as we don’t know anything about Mrs Agreste.
The final and one of the strongest reasons comes from a previous LADYBUG, none other than the amazon queen herself, Hippolyta. Who do we know of that is the only man, man enough to be allies with Hippolyta? Herakles Hippolyta was a demigoddess daughter of Ares and was an obstacle in Herakles 9th trail: he was to obtain the girdle of Hippolyta… which she hands him as she respected him due to doing the other 8 trials. Now the myth has Herakles kill Hippolyta, but that’s neither here nor there.

Coincidence, I think NOT! Have I convinced you? Let me know.


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