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Nappa Dialogue (+Young Kami)
A Twist in Fate
(After Goku broke Nappa’s back, the Saiyan raises his hand to Vegeta)
Nappa: Vegeta… *extends his hand to Vegeta* Give me a hand. I can’t get up.
Vegeta: *smiles and takes the hand* Sure, it’s the least I can do. *tosses Nappa* Maybe you won’t be such a disappointment… when you’re dead! *charges galaxy break*
Goku: KAIOKEN! {Kaio-what?} *leaps between Nappa and the blast, blocking it and saving his life*
(Nappa lands on the ground and looks up at the two Saiyans. He barely hears Vegeta calling him trash as he processes what has happened; his companion and commander nearly killed him while his enemy saved him.)
(Vegeta is getting into his pod while Krillin stands over him with a sword, just about to bring it down)
Goku: Stop! Don't do it.
Krillin: Goku, is that you? We have got to stop this guy while we have the chance. He's...he's pure evil.
Goku: No, listen. Just let him go Krillin. Show him what it means t
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Gine Dialogues
Low Class Warning
Gine: *works in her meat distribution center* Business is booming… wonder why everyone’s back so suddenly. *gets surprised when Bardock stumbles in* Bardock! *runs to him and tries to support him* What happened?
Bardock: No one is listening… Frieza’s coming to kill us.
Gine: What? Why would he be after two low-class warriors. I’m not even a warrior anymore.
Bardock: No, as in all of us! You, me, everyone on the planet! My whole crew is dead thanks to that freak!
Gine: Fasha… Tora… dead?
Bardock: And he’s going to finish the job. Every Saiyan dead, because he fears us. And the stupid thing is… NO ONE BELIEVES ME! *blasts a wall*
Gine: ...I believe you.
Bardock: *looks back at her* Really?
Gine: We did fight together, Bardock. I never knew a time your instincts were wrong.
Bardock: *puts his hand on her shoulder* Thanks, Gine. Now, go get Kakarot. Get him somewhere off the planet. Far from Frieza.
Gine: *looks
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Ranch Bio
Name: Ranch
Race: 1/2 Saiyan - 1/2 Human-type Earthling
Gender: Female
Age: Born in Age 765
Appearance: Black hair, green and yellow dress, red bow, tail
Personality Traits: Mischievous, cunning, smart, egotistical (being raised by Raditz and Bad Launch I think would lead to a bit of a smart alec)
Quote: You boneheads [Trunks and Goten], sometimes being “strongest” isn’t enough.
Allegiance: Z-Fighters
Raditz (father)
Launch (mother)
Daikon and Muli (brothers)
Bardock (grandfather)
Gine (grandmother)
Goku (uncle)
Chi-Chi (aunt)
Gohan and Goten (cousins)
Pan (cousin once removed)
Combat Info
Style: Uses long range ki blasts, deception tactics
Special Abilities: Saiyan Power
Transformations: Super Saiyan, Great Ape
Techniques: (Learned from Raditz)
Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
Ki Sense – Ranch can sense life energy.
Weekly Special – Ranch fires a rapid energy bar
:iconxenomaster:Xenomaster 23 39
Ranch Dialogue
(Future Trunks has arrived in the past and has confronted Frieza and King Cold)
King Cold: What a pleasant surprise.
Frieza: You're right father. This may prove to be a bit more amusing than I had thought.
Future Trunks: And now, you two are going down.
King Cold: Aha ha. One thing is certain. If nothing else, I'd say this little creature is quite the comedian. Aha ha.
Frieza: Hmmm. He is at that. I'll tell you what kid. Let me give you a piece of advice. He who acquires his skills quickly, is he who is the first to perish.
Future Trunks: Heh. Thanks for the tip.
Frieza: Huh? Why you!
Trunks: Listen up! Now I've got one for you Frieza! Know your enemy! You've already made some pretty big assumptions about me, and that's a mistake that's going to cost you dearly!
Frieza: You insolent brat! *gets shot in one of the sticking out bits on his head*
?: Another assumption, that he was alone!
(King Cold and Frieza look up to see a young woman on their ship with a really su
:iconxenomaster:Xenomaster 29 108
The Designed Universe - My Original DBS Universe
Name of the universe: The Designed Universe
How is the universe run? Caste system. All life forms are grown and designed for specific purposes
What is the mortal level and why? 6.95 – Strong fighters, well made structure, but morale is low
What kind of species live in the universe? Culminatean (species that while are all related, vary in power and abilities. While each do have some differences, they look very identical)
Relationship with other universes? The Designed Universe seems to respect The Spiritual, Justice and Challenging Universes
Name, description and personality of Supreme Kai: Yuuna – A female Kai with scarlet skin with a ponytail. – Very inquisitive and excitable.
Name, description and personality of God of Destruction: Jaeger – Amorphous cloud like entity, practically ghost-like, no visible features other than two darkened areas for eyes. Very d
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Dragon Ball Original Universe Bio
Name of the universe: (example, The Justice Universe)
How is the universe run?
What is the mortal level?
What kind of species live in the universe?
Relationship with other universes?
Name, description and personality of Supreme Kai:
Name, description and personality of God of Destruction:
Name, description and personality of Angel:
Relationship between Deities:
Leader of the team? (If no real leader, delete this part or put “N/A”.)
Any pre-existing groups?
God of Destruction Candidates?
Name of participant:
Description of participant: (species, gender, clothing, etc)
Personality of participant:
Transformations, abilities and techniques of participant:
Strengths and weaknesses of participant:
Profession of participant:
Relatives of participant:
(Repeat for 5 members at least and 10 members at most)
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Random Favourites

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The real villain
Thank about it; Voldemort rose to power, the Sith slaughtered millions and Bella Swan existed because of the writer
Pants To Be Darkened
Three of me? Am I mad? It's comics, three of the same person at a time is Thursday.

Why is there three? Well, I'd say one is resurrected, one from an alternate time and the last is the original, raised from the dead.
The Black Lantern me was actually a bit of an original design, coming from a request I made of Xpuk years ago. Blackest Night was the comic that got me into DC proper outside of cartoons and movies.
As for the title... it is a reference to a reoccurring joke used by comic book reviewer Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug, originated during a crossover review between himself and fellow reviewers Nash and Film Brain when they co-reviewed the Wonder Woman pilot. He often uses it to describe scary or threatening situations in what he reviews.

Art done by the very talented Niban-Destikim.
Lanterns are owned by DC
Magic Creators
As of this week, my role as a writer on Moon the Undaunted has reached a bare minimum end as I (with some minor assistance) have finished the 23rd episode. I will be keeping in touch and will come back in case changes need to be made. In commemoration I (quite fittingly) commissioned L B Skrill to do this picture. Now it is a little different than what I normally commission, but it is really nice.
For those of you who may not be in the know of exactly why this is as it is, Moon the Undaunted is a fan project founded by Skrill and I would say co-founded by me as (if memory serves) she got the idea from me writing little dialogues on Deviantart and found them vastly entertaining. The title character is the mother of the source material of the Disney show Star vs the Forces of Evil, which is why Skrill and I are dressed as we are; it is a show that is about a princess from a fantasy dimension with access to magic. Of course, I had to be the one to use the dark arts as it has serious pros over “good” magic; immortality, destroying my enemies, heavy metal, that sorta thing. Also, if you look at my magic, you can see words. That is because… well, writer. They are words from the very first episode that will be released… whenever. I had it so Skrill and I were showing our roles in creating the series; I as a writer and her as an artist/animator.
With that, I have nothing else to say but “thanks for the ride, Skrill”.

For copyright reasons, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and all affiliated characters are owned by Disney.
A Twist in Fate
(After Goku broke Nappa’s back, the Saiyan raises his hand to Vegeta)
Nappa: Vegeta… *extends his hand to Vegeta* Give me a hand. I can’t get up.
Vegeta: *smiles and takes the hand* Sure, it’s the least I can do. *tosses Nappa* Maybe you won’t be such a disappointment… when you’re dead! *charges galaxy break*
Goku: KAIOKEN! {Kaio-what?} *leaps between Nappa and the blast, blocking it and saving his life*
(Nappa lands on the ground and looks up at the two Saiyans. He barely hears Vegeta calling him trash as he processes what has happened; his companion and commander nearly killed him while his enemy saved him.)

(Vegeta is getting into his pod while Krillin stands over him with a sword, just about to bring it down)
Goku: Stop! Don't do it.
Krillin: Goku, is that you? We have got to stop this guy while we have the chance. He's...he's pure evil.
Goku: No, listen. Just let him go Krillin. Show him what it means to be merciful.
Nappa: Merciful!? Kakarot, you can’t be serious!
Krillin: Holy tolito! You’re still kicking?
Goku: I know what you must be thinking, but believe me, I know what I'm doing.
Nappa: Kakarot. If you are going to listen to any Saiyan, listen to me right now. Letting him live is a mistake. As far as our race goes, he is one of the cruelest. If you cared for anyone on this rock, shorty there better bring the sword down.
Goku: Don't be so sure about that. It wouldn't be the first time something like that happened. When Piccolo first came to us, he was just as evil as his father had been. He nearly destroyed not only me, but the entire planet. And now...
Krillin: And now he's one of us.
Goku: Right. And if someone as evil as Piccolo can change, I think anyone can. Vegeta deserves to have that same chance. And by showing him that the people of this planet have compassion and can show mercy, maybe he can learn to show some of his own. Piccolo learned. And now he's not only a powerful ally, he's also a good friend. He even took care of Gohan while I was gone and traded his own life to protect him. Who know, Vegeta might do the same thing for one of us someday.
Nappa: *grunts*
Goku: Krillin, please. I know this is the right thing to do. You've got to trust me. *looks to Nappa* And if he doesn’t change, we can beat him if we work together.
Krillin: *looks down at Vegeta*
Goku: Please, Krillin. Don't forget, I am a Saiyan, just like he is.
Krillin: *drops the sword*
Goku: Thanks Krillin, that took a lot of strength and courage. I'm proud of you.
Nappa: You idiots…
Vegeta: Nappa!
(The two Saiyans meet eye to eye)
Vegeta: You’re nothing to me.
(the pod closes and Vegeta flies off)
Krillin: *trudges over to Nappa* Well, at least I can avenge my friends.
Nappa: I don’t blame ya… go ahead. *snickers*
Goku: No, Krillin.
Goku: He can’t fight anymore, he won’t be a problem.
Nappa: That nice attitude’s gonna get you killed, Kakarot.

Hospital Visit
(Nappa and Goku are in the hospital. Those that are visiting treat Nappa like he was an animal in a cage; with caution so he doesn’t get riled up. Things go per normal until the revelation of the Namekian Dragon Balls)
Nappa: Hey. What about my pod?
(Everyone turns to Nappa)
Nappa: My pod can help you get to Namek. I just need my remote.
Bulma: And why should we give you the remote.
Goku: Bulma… what reason does he have at this point to lie? He can’t really use it.
Bulma: Fine. *shows Nappa the remote, who just points to the buttons*
Nappa: That brings the pod directly to you. This dial allows you to remotely pilot it to other locations. Switches on the side are for the throttle.
Bulma: Thanks… *leaves to get to work*
(Krillin and Gohan are talking to Goku in the hospital as Bulma is working on the pod. Out of curiosity, Gohan turns to Nappa)
Gohan: Mr Nappa, do you think we might see Vegeta on Namek?
Krillin: Gohan, don’t talk to-.
Nappa: Kid, it’d be a miracle if we didn’t see Vegeta there. I’m more worried about Frieza.
(The three look to Nappa in confusion)
Nappa: If you thought Vegeta was a bastard, you should see Frieza. He’s a bloodthirsty and powerful tyrant. Cruel as he is strong. Many planets were devastated in his wake, many more destroyed. In fact… *looks the three right in the eyes* He killed off the Saiyan race. If you meet him, don’t bother running, you’re already dead.

Fake Namek
[Error 404]

Sweet Sciency Magic
(Yajirobe enters the hospital room and gives Goku a Senzu bean, Goku springing to life and blasting off his bandages)
Goku: This is what I was waiting for. *gets dressed as everyone but Master Roshi and Yajirobe stare on in confusion before taking the beans* I’ll need these for going to Namek. *turns to Nappa* Hey, Nappa. *tosses a bean to Nappa, surprising Master Roshi and Yajirobe*
(Nappa looks at Goku and the bean in confusion before eating it. In seconds, he feels fully recovered, getting up out of bed)
Nappa: What the heck…
Goku: I’ll explain on the way. *goes to the open window* Nimbus!
Nappa: *puts on some clothes left for him* What are you planning, Kakarot?
Goku: *leaps onto the Flying Nimbus when it arrives* If we’re going to help our friends on Namek, we’ll need to get a shim. Dr Briefs has one. Plus I think I can improve on the way if I had a sparring partner.
(Nappa thinks of how ridiculous everything is and comes to the conclusion that Goku has a point)
Nappa: Alright, Kakarot. I’m with ya.
(the two Saiyans then fly off towards Capsule Corp)
Nappa: Kakarot… you actually helped me, when Vegeta tossed me aside. I’d be honoured to fight at your side.

Training Week
(Nappa and Goku are training in the spaceship provided by Dr Briefs.)
Nappa: *attacks Goku* Come on, Kakarot, you can’t be this soft!
Goku: *stops the fight* Ok, what’s with all the name calling?
Nappa: *looks at him funny*
Goku: Soft, weak, coward. You’ve been calling me those kinda things for days now. What gives?
Nappa: Kakarot, you’re a Saiyan. We’re the strongest and most fearsome race in the universe!
Goku: I got all that from Raditz. It’s not helping.
Nappa: Fine…
Goku: I will say, I have not had training like this in a while. You’re a good sparring partner.
Nappa: *is thrown back by the complement, unused to getting them from Vegeta* Thanks, Kakarot.
Goku: Now, let’s get back to the action.
Nappa: Right!
(the two begin fighting again)

Actual Namek
(The ship lands on Namek as Nail, Krillin and Gohan are fighting the Ginyu Force)
Goku: We’re here. *senses the Ginyus* Five strong powers. Over there.
Nappa: Must be the Ginyu Force. Frieza’s elite warriors.
Goku: This is going to be good.
Nappa: Something you should watch out for, Kakarot. Captain Ginyu can change bodies.
Goku: Whoa, that’s new.
Nappa: Whatever you do, Don’t let him get ya. You’ll know if he yells “change”.
Goku: Right.
(The two fly off and land at where the Ginyus are fighting)
Captain Ginyu: Well, well, well. If it isn’t the dirty Saiyan, Nappa. Come to rejoin the fold with your tail between your legs.
Nappa: No, Ginyu. I’m going to tan your hide.
Recoome: That’s rich. I’ll take him out. You guys can take the others.
Burter: No way, you can’t just have all the action.
Jeice: We’re not takin’ your sloppy seconds.
Ginyu: They have a point, Recoome. You’ve had your fun.
Recoome: But, Captain-!
Nappa: It’s alright. *uses his Bomber DX right on Recoome, killing him like Piccolo before him* There’s enough Saiyan to go around!
(Burter and Jeice begin fighting Goku and Nappa. The two get overpowered, in particular with the Kaioken. They land and Ginyu decides to use the Change technique, thinking Goku is the stronger of the two)
Ginyu: *stabs himself in the chest*
Nappa: *realises what is going on* Kakarot!
Ginyu: Change-!
(Nappa and Goku flank Ginyu and gets wasted by a combination Break Cannon-Kamehameha. They are then approached by Krillin, Nail and Gohan)
Gohan: Dad, you came! *hugs Goku*
Krillin: Wow, Goku. you wasted those guys. *looks to Nappa* So… are you gonna-?
Nappa: Don’t get excited. I’m working for Kakarot now.
Goku: Working for-?
Nappa: *turns to Vegeta’s direction* Vegeta… *flies to Vegeta*
Vegeta: Nappa, so you actually have the guts to show your face.
Nappa: You’re one to talk. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Vegeta. *strikes a fighting pose*
Vegeta: *scoffs* You think you can beat me, Nappa? That’s rich. But if you want to die, then so be it.
(The two begin their fight. While is seems even, Nappa slowly turns it around before completely overpowering Vegeta)
Nappa: *stands over Vegeta* What was that you said to me? “You’re nothing to me.” *charges a ki blast*
Goku: *stops him* Stop, Nappa.
Nappa: For the love of-. Are you being serious!?
Goku: He’s harmless, and we should focus on Frieza.
Nappa: Are you mad?
Frieza: *interrupts the argument by wiping Vegeta from existence* I always wanted to do that. Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted to kill him?

Revival and Revaluation
(On Earth, the Namekian Dragon Balls are used to bring back Chiaotzu and Tien, both of who instantly look at Nappa)
Tien: What the heck is he doing here?!
Goku: Calm down, Nappa is with us now. He’s changed.
Tien: Are you serious?
Nappa: I’ve been asking that for some time…
Tien: He is responsible for the deaths of me, Chiaotzu, Yamcha and Piccolo. What he did is unforgivable.
Krillin: Tien-.
Tien: Don’t bother. We’re leaving. Come on, Chiaotzu.
(Chiaotzu and Tien then fly off before everyone directs their attention to Nappa)
Chi-Chi: So, what happens now…
Nappa: Don;’t worry about me. I’m actually working for Kakarot now.
Chi-Chi: *gives a confused look*
Goku: He means me, Chi-Chi.
Nappa: Kakarot saved my life when I came to Earth. I’ve actually improved a lot since then, so I’ll follow him, because it is beneficial and out of respect.
Chi-Chi: Well, if you are going to work for this family, I expect you to pull your weight, mister.
Nappa: *is taken aback by this*
Chi-Chi: You can help Goku out with farming, you can be picking up groceries, firewood is a priority and maybe you can help tutor Gohan… *trails off as she gives a large list of duties*

Mr Nappa
(During the year after the events on Namek, Nappa is now an aid to the Son family. He provides aid wherever he can, be it with Goku’s training, running errands for Chi-chi or helping Gohan with his lessons. He now wears earth clothing.)
Nappa: *carries a tree from the woods to the Son house and begins turning it into firewood*
Chi-Chi: *looks out at Nappa from the kitchen* You know, I was sceptical at first. But Nappa is a real big help. More than you, anyway
Goku: Don’t be like that, Chi-Chi.
Nappa: *enters* Alright. We should have enough firewood for a while, Ms Chi-Chi.
Chi-Chi: Thank you, Nappa. You are a really big help.
Nappa: *smiles*
(Suddenly, both Saiyans look up in a specific direction as they sensed a large power level)
Gohan: *runs in* You sense that?
Goku: Yeah, it has to be him.
Nappa: Frieza’s alive.
(The three Saiyans got dressed for a fight and then proceed to fly in the direction of Frieza)

Future Nappa
Future Nappa: *floats down to the Frieza forces*
Frieza: You look different, Saiyan. I never forget a face…
Future Nappa: I’m sure that’s the case, Frieza. *turns to the Z-Fighters* No need to keep at a distance, this’ll be over soon.
Cold: That’s very cocky.
Nappa: The heck, why does he look like me? *leaps in* Who are you?!
(The two Nappas begin to fight, much to the confusion of everyone around them)
Future Nappa: *brawls with his counterpart* The hell… are… you-? *growls before going Super Saiyan before giving a “Mecha Arm Crash” to his past self’s gut, taking his wind out* Was I always this wild? *turns to see the Frieza force flying at him, which he dispatches with a Bomber DX, some stragglers taken out by Goku* Good to see ya again, Kakarot
Goku: You call me that and you look like Nappa, are you related or something?
Future Nappa: You could say that.
Goku: Well, you are helping…
Frieza: So you two are powerful. I’m still stronger than you are, Goku. So you and your little friend are still finished!
(Frieza begins to fight Future Nappa and Goku, quite quickly being beaten by the two Saiyans. Upon seeing this, King Cold begins to flee)
Future Nappa: Not a chance. *uses a Volcano Explosion to destroy King Cold and his ship*
(everyone stands there gawking at King Cold’s death)
Goku: Wow, that was crazy!
Future Nappa: Kinda was. Now, Kakarot. *takes up a fighting stance* Mind if we have a bit of a spar?
Goku: Alright… I’m not one to turn down a challenge!
Nappa: Not without me, you don’t. *limps up*
Future Nappa: Stay down, you’re in no state to fight.
Nappa: But I-.
Goku: Just rest up, Nappa.
Nappa: ...alright, Kakarot.
(Future Nappa and Goku both go Super Saiyan and begin a fight. It was not long after that Future Nappa stops)
Future Nappa: Just like I remember.
Goku: Come again?
Future Nappa: Guess I can spill the beans. I am indeed Nappa, only from the future.
Goku: The future, no wonder you look so old!
Future Nappa: I come from a future under siege by two androids, created by one Dr Gero of the Red Ribbon Army, they killed nearly everyone here. You never fought them, dying of a heart virus.
Goku: What?!
Future Nappa: I continued by duties, helping Gohan… and… *clutches his robotic arm* It should’ve been me… *regains his composure and takes a small vial from a compartment in his arm, tossing it to Goku* This is medication for the virus.
Goku: Wow, thanks. I guess.
Future Nappa: Before I go, please do me a favour. Train my past self up. If he is to survive, he needs to become a Super Saiyan. *flies off as Goku goes to tell everyone what’s what*

Super Saiyan at Last
(Goku leads Gohan and Nappa into the Gravity Chamber)
Goku: Welcome to the Gravity Chamber!
Gohan: Whoa…
Nappa: Bulma made this place to give the same kind of training we did on our way to Namek?
Goku: Ya-huh. We’ll be prepared for the Androids in no time in here.
Nappa: Are you sure Ms Chi-Chi would be ok with Gohan doing this?
Goku: Nah, she won’t mind. Now, let's get to work!
Nappa: Right! *takes a fighting pose* Let’s go, Kakarot!
(the training begins and it is some months when it gets intense for Nappa, who is currently on the ground in pain)
Goku *as Super Saiyan* Come on, Nappa. We gotta keep up the pace!
Nappa: (internal monologue) This is pathetic… it’s been months and I’m not improving like I should. I keep getting knocked down… Vegeta, my future self. I’m weak-. NO! I will not be reduced to a trembling wreck. I’ll show them, I’ll become stronger. I’m a Saiyan! *Super Saiyan flashes* Vegeta… I hope you can see me from hell! *turns Super Saiyan with a mighty roar, nearly causing a tremor and stand up*
Goku: Way to go, Nappa!
Nappa: What? *looks at himself* Super Saiyan… *laughs* I did it!
Goku: Ready to pick up the pace?
Nappa: Bring it on!

Goku: *starts keeling over from the heart virus*
Krillin: What’s happening to Goku?
Nappa: The virus! I forgot to get Kakarot to take the medicine! *in a fit of frustration, he leaps at 19 as a Super Saiyan* Get off of him, Tin Can!
Gero: *steps in and sucker punches Nappa* Sorry, I’m not going to let you interrupt 19 when he’s dealing with Son Goku. But if you want to die, then I’ll oblige.
(Gero charges up a ki blast, only for it to be blocked by Future Nappa. Gero jumps back at his and is stunned to see two Nappas)
Future Nappa: Need help? *offers robot hand*
Nappa: Not from you. *gets up*
Future Nappa: *turns to look at the Androids and thinks how these two aren’t 17 or 18*
(Future Nappa then rushes at Dr Gero, only to flank him and uses a Mecha Arm Crash on 19’s head, crushing it. He then turns back to the doctor)
Future Nappa: I don’t know who you are, but you’re next! *sees Goku* Kakarot?
(Dr Gero then fires two ki blasts; one at Goku the other at the other Z-Fighters. Seeing this, Future Nappa goes to defend the Z-Fighters as his past self blocks the blast heading towards Goklu. When they get up, Gero is gone)
Future Nappa: *goes to his past self and smacks his head* What the hell, didn’t you give Kakarot the heart medicine!?
Nappa: Don’t try to distract us, you said “I don’t know who you are”. Are you telling us you don’t know who that Android was?!
Future Nappa: *is taken aback by this, then calms down* Fine, but we gotta get Kakarot somewhere safe. *looks at his past self* And medicated!
Yamcha: I’ll take Goku to Kame House. That should be safe enough.
Gohan: I’ll go get the medicine.
Nappa: Thanks, kid.
Krillin: So that leaves me and the big guys. Huh, ok.
(the groups them split up and head towards their current goals)

Nappas vs Androids
(Both Nappas and Krillin land near Gero’s lab)
Future Nappa: The lab should be around here, somewhere.
Nappa: You’re saying you don’t know where it is?
Future Nappa: We never found it in my time, likely that it was destroyed.
Nappa: Convenient.
Krillin: Calm down, you two. We have a job to do.
17: So do we
(the Z-Fighters turn around to see 17 and 18 standing behind them)
Nappa: You’re saying these are the two that wrecked your future. Ha! *looks to Future Nappa, who is steaming with rage* Old man?
Future Nappa: You… you monsters! *rushes in at 18, who then blocks and begins fighting*
17: *turns to Nappa* You not going to join in?
Nappa: *sees how badly his future self is doing and just grunts*
17: That’s what I thought
(the fight between Future Nappa and 18 goes as similar as the fight with 18 and Vegeta. The main difference is that 18 kicks off Future Nappa’s robotic arm and he yells in shock rather than pain)

(Future Nappa sits on the poarch of Kame House, still missing his arm when Nappa walks up to him)
Nappa: Hey, got your arm...
Future Nappa: *takes the arm from him*
Nappa: *sits next to him* You feel like you screwed up as much as I do?
Future Nappa: I couldn’t stop the ones that ruined my time...
Nappa: I forgot to give my boss hsi medication. Plus we both got beaten by a bunch of toaster ovens.
Future Nappa: *snickers*
Nappa: Look, old man. We’ve been at each other’s throats for long enough. Not only are we Saiyans, we’re Nappas. No one should humiliate us like that! *offers his hand* Truce?
Future Nappa: *takes the hand* Truce.
Nappa: Alright. We’ll get you fixed, we’ll get to training, and we’ll dismantle those tinker toys for good!
(cut to inside Kame House as the two Nappas yell in pride)
Krillin: At least those two are having a good time.

Rejuvenated Guardian
Kami: *looks from the Lookout* Things are getting dire… I have no choice. Mr Popo.
Mr Popo: Yes, Kami?
Kami: Gather the Dragon Balls.
(Kami stands over the Dragon Balls as Shenron rises from them.)
Kami: Yes, I have.
Kami: This world need a guardian that can protect it, not just watch. I wish for my youth, bring me back to my prime!
(Shenron’s eyes glow and so does Kami. The old Namekian’s muscles swell and his colour returns)
Shenron: FAREWELL!
(Shenron then flies into the sky and the Dragon Balls disperse. Mr Popo stands in awe at the young Kami, who then turns and walks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber)
Mr Popo: Kami, where are you going?
Kami: *stops* To prepare. *continues and then enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber*

The Other Time Machine
(The two Nappas are training outside Kame House, their blows actually disturbing the water near them. Gohan exists the house holding a phone.)
Gohan: Mr Nappa?
Both Nappas: *stop fighting* Yeah?
Gohan: The future one. *walks to Future Nappa and hands him a phone* Bulma wants to talk to you.
Future Nappa: Thanks. *places phone to his ear* Hello?
Bulma: Hey, Nappa. Someone reported that they found something belongs to Capsule Corp… and sent me this.
(A fax machine starts printing on an image. Gohan quickly hands Future Nappa a picture of Cell’s Time Machine, causing Future Nappa to reel back)
Future Nappa: That’s… my time machine! But, that’s impossible… I have it in it’s capsule.
Bulma: I was about to head out there to inspect it. Do you mind accompanying me, just to get your input.
Future Nappa: Consider it done.
Bulma: Great, sending you the coordinates.
(The fax machine gives coordinates that Future Nappa punches into his arm to guide him. He steps back out and turns to his counterpart)
Future Nappa: Look, something’s come up. We’ll have to hold off on training for the moment.
Nappa: I understand. *socks Future Nappa in the real arm* Take care of yourself. *smiles at his future self, who smiles back*
Gohan: Mr Nappa, Can I go too?
Future Nappa: *looks to his counterpart*
Nappa: He would be in safe hands. But if anything gets hairy, get him outta there.
Future Nappa: You have my word.
Krillin: Mind if I tag along? *exits the house* I need to actually do something to take my mind off Goku.
Future Nappa: *smiles* No problem, Krillin
(Future Nappa, Krillin and Gohan then fly off as Nappa restarts his training)
(Future Nappa and Gohan then land near the coordinated provided by Bulma. They have a quick look around just before Bulma arrived)
Bulma: *gets out* Hey, guys.
Future Nappa: Is the time machine around here?
Bulma: Yeah it should be around-. Oh my god.
(the three look to see a time machine similar to Nappa’s, only it was worn and covered in moss. What was very noticeable is that the glass dome has completely melted away)
Future Nappa: This doesn’t look good. *walks over to it and wipes off some moss to see the word “hero”* It is my time machine…
Bulma: “Hero”?
Future Nappa: Before we left, you told me that no matter what I did, I was always a hero.
Krillin: *looks inside the cockpit* Nappa? You’ve been to a couple dozen planets, right?
Future Nappa: Why?
Krillin: What do ya make of this? *passes Cell’s egg*
Future Nappa: Never seen anything like this. Though it reminds me of that stooge, Dodoria…
Gohan: Then you I wonder what you think of this.
(Everyone looks over to Gohan, who has found the molted skin of a large insect creature. When the three adults approach they all get put off the sight of it)
Krillin: Holy hell! That thing is huge!
Future Nappa: Never saw anything like it. And I doubt it’s native to Earth…
Bulma: I hope not!
Gohan: And that’s not the worst part.
Bulma: How can it get worse?!
Gohan: Insects usually molt when they grow.
Bulma: *gets squicked out like no one’s business*

Like a New Namek
(Kami exists the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, looking much more muscular than before he left. He walks all the way to the edge, passing Mr Popo.)
Mr Popo: K-Kami? *smiles in pride, almost crying*
(Kami turns his head to Mr Popo, gives him a smile and then flies down to Ginger Town. when he arrives, he takes a look around to see the town empty. He continues until he hears a scream, following it to Cell)
Cell: This is a surprise, well, I’m still hungry, Guess you're next… Piccolo. *starts charging up until he explodes, though not as much as he did in the original* What’s the matter, scared, Piccolo?
Kami: Not at all… but how do you know that name?
Cell: You can say we’re “related”.
Kami: What?
(Cell laughs)
Kami: Do you honestly think I care for your bravado? Who are you?
Cell: *smirks* Do you honestly think I’d tell so easily?
Kami: *smirks* No matter, I’ll just have to defeat you.
Cell: Sounds like a challenge! You’ll be a most rewarding snack, Piccolo.
Kami: You seem to be mistaken me for someone else. Allow me to show you the scope of the situation. *begins charging, showing that he is more powerful*
Cell: *is taken aback, realising who Kami is* Kami?!
Kami: The Namekian that you know is gone. And as for're history. *the charging continues* You know you made one critical mistake. You should've never emptied this city of its entire population!
Cell: Why is that?
Kami: Because as long as there are no innocent bystanders to get in the way, I'm free to fight you with the best of my ability.
Cell: So what's stopping you?
Kami: You know, that's a really good question.
(The two begin fighting, though it gets pretty one sided. Cell is much weaker and less experienced than Kami, who fights just as well as Piccolo did, maybe better.)
Cell: *gets up from the rubble*
Kami: Want to spill your guts before I make you.
Cell: Fine… My name is Cell. I am an android.
Kami: You… you're an android?
Cell: I am the single greatest achievement of my creator Dr. Gero.
Kami: Ah, as I should've known.
Cell: Cells were taken from this world’s greatest fighters. The powers of Nappa, Goku, King Cold, and so many others have already been incorporated into my being. But even these powers pale in comparison to the strength of the androids. It is this strength which I must possess for myself.
Cell: The computer told me one more thing. Once I have absorbed the other androids, I will be the most powerful being who has ever lived.
Kami: But what for? You were already the strongest creature alive in your time.
Cell: This is true. But my design was meant to include the powers of Androids 17 and 18. Without them I can never be complete. I had to seek them out. It's what I was created to do. Of course, it may also be the blood of Vegeta and Frieza coursing through my veins which fuels my desire for more power.
Kami: I will never allow you to be completed. You're going down Cell. I intend to put an end to your diabolical schemes once and for all.
Cell: Don’t count on it. *uses a solar flare*
(Kami roars in frustration  when he regains his vision. Krillin, Gohan and the Nappas arrive)
Gohan: They should be over he-. *sees Kami* Mr Piccolo?
Kami: *looks up to see the Z-Fighters* It’s good to see you, my friends.
Krillin: That doesn’t sound like Piccolo. Kami?
Kami: Yes. Thanks to the dragon balls, I have my youth back.
Future Nappa: Explains the sky earlier, but why?
Kami: To be the guardian this world needs. Now, things are more dire than we thought. A creature called Cell did this. He is after the Androids, they’ll make him more powerful. I need you to deal with the Androids while I deal with Cell.
Nappa: You’ve got to be kidding, why do you get all the fun *gets a cold look from Kami* Right… *turns to his future self* Round two on those rust buckets?
Future Nappa: Fine by me.
Krillin: After all that’s happened, I think it’s best me and Gohan went back to Kame House.
Kami: For the best. But the Androids would likely be heading there, so the Nappas better go back too.
(the two parties split up, flying in different directions)

Nappa Dialogue (+Young Kami)
Yep, so soon! I might do these stories based around Masako-kun's what ifs.

I'm sticking to Nappa, like I'm sticking to Gine and Ranch

Idea belongs to Masako-kun
Dragon Ball belongs to Akira Toriayama
Low Class Warning
Gine: *works in her meat distribution center* Business is booming… wonder why everyone’s back so suddenly. *gets surprised when Bardock stumbles in* Bardock! *runs to him and tries to support him* What happened?
Bardock: No one is listening… Frieza’s coming to kill us.
Gine: What? Why would he be after two low-class warriors. I’m not even a warrior anymore.
Bardock: No, as in all of us! You, me, everyone on the planet! My whole crew is dead thanks to that freak!
Gine: Fasha… Tora… dead?
Bardock: And he’s going to finish the job. Every Saiyan dead, because he fears us. And the stupid thing is… NO ONE BELIEVES ME! *blasts a wall*
Gine: ...I believe you.
Bardock: *looks back at her* Really?
Gine: We did fight together, Bardock. I never knew a time your instincts were wrong.
Bardock: *puts his hand on her shoulder* Thanks, Gine. Now, go get Kakarot. Get him somewhere off the planet. Far from Frieza.
Gine: *looks up to the sky and sees Frieza’s ship* Fine. I’d say don’t get yourself killed, but you’re a typical Saiyan.
(Bardock gives a cocky smile and leaves so he can confront Frieza. Gine meanwhile goes into the back and takes a sleeping Kakarot out of a crib)

A Mother’s Farewell
(Gine speeds to where the pods are kept, making sure not to be detected by the guards. She makes it to the pod station and looks for a pod going to a safe destination)
Gine: Arlia… Potaufeu… Wagashi… Definitely not Imecka. *spots an odd destination* Earth? Average power level is between 5 and 10… not considered a desirable planet… it’ll do. *places Kakarot into the pod, who then starts crying. Gine looks down at her son, starting to well up* Don’t cry sweetie. You’re going to be safe. Who knows… maybe you can find… big brother Raditz… *begins crying at the thought of all that is happening*
(Kakarot accidentally presses the door lock button, causing the door to push Gine in and automatically launch. The pod flies right by Frieza, both parties not noticing it as the tyrant launches his Death Ball at Bardock. Gine regains her senses, realises what has happened and simply curls up with her child in her arms, falling asleep)

Meeting Gohan
(Grandpa Gohan is in the middle of his walk when he discovers the crater caused by Gine’s pod. After looking inside said pod, he spots Kakarot’s tail in the bushes before it is pulled in)
Gohan: Hmm? *pokes the bush with a stick*
(the stick pokes Kakarot, who then cries. Gine leaps out to hit Gohan, only to miss and fall on her face)
Gine: *looks around in confusion before turning to Gohan*
Gohan: Young lady, are-.
Gine: *flees at amazing speeds, Kakarot in her tail*
Gohan: -you... alright? *shrugs and goes home*
Gine: *stops after some distance and begins to pant, her stomach growls*
Kakarot: *cries*
Gine: Don’t worry, Kaka. Mommy will find something to eat. *bounces her child* Maybe that old man can show me…
(Gine trails behind Gohan, making sure he doesn’t see her. This ends when Gohan reaches his house, going inside. Not long after, she starts to smell something really good. The temptation to barge in and eat grows until she cannot take it anymore and kicks the door right into the opposite wall)
Gine: Where’s the food!?
Gohan: *reacts to the door flying at him more like a pop up scare before recognising Gine* Oh, you’re the girl from earlier. Come in, sit.
(Gine sits down as Gohan is trying to piece together what’s going on, between her clothes, their tails and the pod. This is interrupted when Kakarot starts crying again as he’s hungry. Gine looks over to the food prepared by Gohan and her lips water)
Gohan: Go ahead, have as much as you want. *is surprised when Gine rushes over and begins eating, Kakarot eating right out of the bowl like a dog*
(When the two have finished, Kakarot is asleep in Gine’s arms as she cradles him)
Gine: Thank you.
Gohan: It’s no bother. Tell me, why are you two alone in the woods in the middle of nowhere?
Gine: *gives a reluctant look* It’s… complicated. Kakarot and I are what you’d call aliens. We are Saiyans, an aggressive warrior race from planet Vegeta.
Gohan: Warriors? I assume…
Gine: Oh, not us. I was never cut out for fighting.
(Gine tells all of what happened, including what happened to lead the two to Earth)
Gohan: That’s quite a story.
Gine: It is… isn’t it. Well, thank you for the hospitality. *gets up to leave* Sorry about the door.
Gohan: Hold on, young lady. You have nowhere to go, don’t you? Why not stay here?
Gine: Are… you sure? I mean, the danger-.
Gohan: I can handle myself. And as long as you two don’t see the full moon, the… “Ōzaru”(?) problem is nonexistent. But just in case… *goes to a drawer and takes out some sunglasses* These can be useful.
(Gine tries them on before giving Kakarot (who is awake) a pair. Kakarot just gives  a confused look as Gine begins giggling. This is followed by a montage of events leading up to Age 750; Gine and Kakarot training with Gohan, the three coming back with shopping (the Saiyans carrying a lot of supplies) an odd Ōzaru incident and Gine looking up at the sky, thinking of whether her life was not as good as she thought back home.)

The Fateful Meeting, Revisited
(Kid Kakarot is going back home after his chores, carrying a large fish. He stops as he hears Bulma’s car coming around the bend… before he gets smacked into a tree. He tosses the car as he doesn’t see Bulma herself (he knows what a car is, and girls… and how humans don’t have tails as he knows he’s a Saiyan) and gets shot in the face)
Kakarot: *winces from the pain* Ow, that hurt!
Bulma: You… you’re alive?!
Kakarot: Wait… Are you a girl? I’m sorry. *places the car back the right way* Didn’t see you.
Bulma: *gets out* You’ve never seen a girl before?
Kakarot: Only my mom. She and our friend Gohan told me to be nice to girls.
Bulma: They sound really nice.
Kakarot: They are. Wanna meet them?
Bulma: Inviting me home? *gets a wee bit flustered (Masako described it)*
Kakarot: ...they make good lunch.
Bulma: Hang on a minute. *checks the Locator and thinks the Dragon Ball may be at his house* Ok, let’s go.
(The two travel to Gohan’s house, meeted by Gine who is carrying a tree for firewood)
Kakarot: Hi, mom!
Gine: Kakarot, who’s your friend?
Bulma: My name’s Bulma
Kakarot: *tries not to giggle at the name*
Gine: Nice to meet you. *puts the tree down* I’m Gine.
Bulma: *shakes the Saiyan’s hand* You and your son sure are strong. *notices her tail* And… you have tails? I thought he was just wearing one.
Gine: Oh, no. All in the genes.
Gohan: *exits the building* Another young lady arrives at my house. Hello, I’m Gohan
Bulma: Nice to meet you, are you…
Gohan: Oh no, Gine’s just a friend. *turns to the boy* You want to try cooking tonight, Kakarot?
Kakarot: Ok, Gohan. *drags the fish inside*
Bulma: Wow, I did not expect this-. *sees the Dragon Ball* The dragon ball! *races inside and grabs it*
Gohan: You know about the Dragon Balls?
(The ball starts glowing)
Kakarot: Wow, never saw it do that before.
Bulma: It must be reacting to the ones I have. *takes two of them out of her bag*
Kakarot: You have more?
Gohan: Remember the stories I told you, my boy? Anyone who collects all seven dragon balls can get a wish granted to them.
Kakarot: Oh yeah.
Bulma: Do you mind if I take your dragon ball then?
Gohan: *turns to Bulma* Tell me, what do you plan to use the dragon balls for?
Bulma: A… lifetime supply of strawberries?
Gohan: If that’s all… then go ahead. I don’t need it there collecting dust.
(As Bulma thanks Gohan, Gine and Kakarot stare on)
Kakarot: Mom, human girls are weird.
Gine: You’ll get used to them.
Gohan: One condition though. If you do get all seven, make sure to let me know. I just want to see if the tales are true.
Gine: *has a slight thought* Kakarot? Would you like to go with Bulma?
Kakarot: Really?! You’d allow me to?
Gine: You do need friends your age, and maybe you can help Bulma. *turns to Bulma* If that’s alright with you.
Bulma: That would be nice, I’ve seen how strong he is.
Gohan: You’re in good hands. While her goals are a bit selfish, she she’s pure of heart.
(With that, Kakarot gets packed up (including sunglasses) and leaves the house with Bulma, waving to his mother as he leaves)
Gohan: You seem calm about letting your son go.
Gine: It’s a small planet, he won’t be too far. Plus Saiyan babies were used to conquer small planets, so he should be fine.

Returning Home
(Kakarot flies the Nimbus all his home, jumping off before running inside to see his mother and Gohan)
Gine: Kakarot! *hugs the boy* How was your journey?
Kakarot: It was the best! We met a lot of strong people! Also… I went Oozaru. B-but we would’ve been trapped otherwise-!
Gine: Kakarot, did anyone get hurt?
Kakarot: An evil guy lost his castle.
Gine: *smiles* It’s alright then, you did it to help your friends.
Kakarot: Oh! Gohan, the legend of the dragon balls was true!
Gohan: Really? Well what did you wish for dear boy?
Kakarot: Panties.
(Gine’s eyes shoot open in a combination of “someone corrupting my boy” maternal rage and shock)
Gohan: *stares at the boy* What?
Kakarot: Panties! Oolong said that he wanted panties so, he got it.
Gohan: Oh. *sigh* Sounds like Roshi all over again…
Gine: Kaka, I think I should meet this… “Oolong” someday
Kakarot: Ok. Also, do you know someone called the Ox King, Gohan?
Gohan: Yes, we actually trained together under Roshi
Kakarot: *turns to his mother* He’s single by the way, mom
Gine: *blushes* Thank you… Kakarot, sweetie. *laughs nervously*

Demon King Vs Low Class Warrior; Piccolo vs… Gine?
Piccolo: *stands before Roshi and Gohan, Gine stands behind them* Standing before the might of King Piccolo, you still wish to challenge me?
Piano: Foolish humans. They must have a deathwish to challenge King Piccolo in the open like that.
Pilaf: There's only three of them.
Piano: They can have an army and they wouldn’t have a chance!
Piccolo: Imbeciles, obviously you have no idea who… *gets surprised by Gine walking forward*
Gine: *stands between the old men and the Demon King* I’ll handle this.
Roshi: *exchanges looks with Gohan* Are you sure?
Gine: I have no choice. Ready the Mafuba.
(Gine begins a slow walk to Piccolo. As she does, she thinks about how good her life has been; a simple quiet life in the woods, friends in Roshi, Gohan, Bulma and Launch, and even how happy and healthy her son is. She squares up to Piccolo thinking she will not let Piccolo take this away)
Piccolo: *looks down at Gine* Why would you stand before me, woman? You should run and let the old fools meet their fate, you’ll live longer
Gine: *stares right at him*
(Faster than Piccolo can react, Gine punches Piccolo in the stomach so hard he vomits up his dragon balls before she then gives an upper kick that sends the demon king flying. The Pilaf gang, Piano, Roshi, Gohan and Piccolo are dumbfounded at how strong Gine is)
Piccolo: *picks himself from the rubble he was buried in* How… how can a mere woman be this strong?!
Gine: *picks Piccolo up by the collar* I’m not just a woman, Namekian.
Piccolo: Namek-? *gets upper knee’d in the jaw*
Gine: I’m a Saiyan! *punches Piccolo before tossing him in the air, proceeding to hit him with the technique “brave heat” then landing in front of his near broken body* Any last words?
Piccolo: *sees Gine’s tail before smiling* So that’s where the boy got it from.
Gine: *raises an eyebrow*
Piccolo: The boy with the tail, Kakarot, was it? The one I left for dead?
Gine: *grabs Piccolo by the antenna* What are you talking about?
Piccolo: Go on, try to sense “Kakarot”. Roshi would’ve aught you that
(Gine humours him, though cannot seem to find Kakarot’s power level. She grows worried as Kakarot is not picking up, not noticing Piccolo is charging up an attack. He would’ve struck if he wasn’t hit by the mafuba, sealing him away.)

Roshi: *approaches Gine* I must say, you are quite the wildcard. You were stronger than Piccolo, maybe even in his prime! *notices the look on Gine’s face* Gine?
Gine: He said… he left him for dead…
Gohan: Who?
Gine: Kakarot. Piccolo said he left him for dead. I can’t sense him… *tears stream down his face*
Kakarot: *speeds down on the Nimbus* Mom!
(Gine turns to see her little boy fly at her. Her tears going from sadness to joy, Gine flies at her son. She hug-tackles him in mid air, landing on the ground)
Gine: Kakarot! I thought I lost you! Piccolo said he-!
Kakarot: Did you beat him, mom?
Gine: …Yes…
Kakarot: Wow! How did you, I didn’t know you were that strong!
Gine: *blushes* I’m not that strong.
Gohan: I wouldn’t say that, dear. Barring Ox King, you might be the strongest on the planet. {Ox King has a power level of 900, what the deuce}
Roshi: *digs up the dragon balls* We can worry about that later. I think we should get to wishing back those that Piccolo and his men have killed.
Gine: Right, Roshi.
(Gine gets up and walks to the old man as he sets up the dragon balls. She then turns to Piano and the Pilaf gang, giving a fearsome roar that drives them off. As the dragon arises and is wished upon, she begins thinking about becoming Earth’s protector as she is one of the strongest beings on the planet)

Gine, Protector of Earth
(As Shenron disappears, Gine feels a tug on her dress, then turning to Kakarot)
Kakarot: Mom, you gotta train me! I wanna be strong like you! I can teach you the Kamehameha in return.
Gine: That’s sweet, Kakarot… *trails off*
Kakarot: *looks at his mother* Mom?
Gine: Kaka, I want to become stronger too. To protect this world. I just… don’t know how.
Kakarot: *thinks* I got it! Nimbus! *hops on the Nimbus as it flies to him* Hop on, mom. I know someone who can train us.
Gine: Thanks Kakarot, but I can make my own way *begins flying* Don’t worry, I’ll teach you to do this too.
(the two Saiyans then proceed to fly to Korin’s Tower)
(Cut to Gine staring at Korin)
Gine: Kakarot, this is a… cat.
Kakarot: Korin’s no ordinary cat, he is a strong martial artist!
Gine: Ok, Kakarot. If you think he can train us-.
Korin: Gonna stop you right there. I’m not strong enough to train ya. Ya gotta go up.
(the two Saiyans look at each other in confusion)
(after getting the bell and reaching the Look Out, and meet with Mr Popo)
Gine: Excuse me, we’re looking for “Kami”? We have a bell…?
Mr Popo: Ah, that is good to hear, Ms Gine and Kakarot?
Kakarot: How did you know our names?
Mr Popo: Kami knows everything. I’m Mr Popo, attendant to Kami. Now, perhaps we can proceed with the test?
Gine: Test?
Mr Popo: You must fight me. If you win, you will meet Kami
Kakarot: That sounds like fun!
Gine: Should we take turns…
Mr Popo: Come at me at once if you wish.
Kami: That won’t be necessary, Mr Popo.
(all three turn to the temple)
Kami: You won’t win against Gine, she’s two strong and will react rashly should her child be hurt. I will meet with them now.
(the three make their way to the temple, stopping at the entrance. Kami makes his appearance to the shock of the Saiyans. While Gine can tell Kami isn’t indeed Piccolo, Kakarot isn’t so bright.)
Kakarot: Piccolo?!
Gine: *grabs Kakarot before he can attack* Kakarot, he isn’t Piccolo!
Kakarot: What are you talking about?!
Kami: You are aware of hy connection to Piccolo, my dear?
Gine: Yes. You are his good half.
Kakarot: He is?
Kami: You are quite right. Now, you have done a great service in defeating Piccolo. What would you desire as a reward?
Kakarot: We want to train with you!
Gine: *ponders her decisions* Kaka,-.
Kami: A very easy request.
(Gine is taken aback by this, but after thinking of what happened with Piccolo, she agrees to the training)

Three Years Later; 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament
(Gine and Kakarot arrive at the tenkaichi budokai, revealing their identities to their friends.)
Kakarot: *leaves to sign in*
Bulma: Gine, aren’t you going to sign in?
Gine: No, I’m not here to show off. I’m just supporting my son.
Roshi: Well, it goes to show how strong your child can get.
Gine: I know, he’s stronger than when I fought Piccolo.
Oolong: Wow, must be shocking that your kid is stronger than you.
Gine: Oh, I’m still stronger than him.
(Everyone reacts in shock as Gine smiles)
(After the fight with Chi-Chi, Gine meets with Kakarot and Chi-Chi backstage. When Chi-Chi sees Gine, she still thinks of her as being Kakarot’s “girlfriend” due to her apparent age)
Chi-Chi: Can I help you?
Gine: I just wanted to say congratulations. Only 18 and Kakarot has himself a mate.
Chi-Chi: Thanks… no hard feelings?
Gine: Whatever for?
Chi-Chi: Well, I thought you and Kakarot were…
Gine: Oh, I see where you’re mistaken. I’m his mother, Gine.
Chi-Chi: Mother?! B-b-but you look so young!
Gine: Let’s just say our genes are resilient.

Brother Dearest
Raditz: *lands at Kame House* Hello… Kakarot.
Kakarot: *is shocked at the sight of this* How do you know my name!?
Raditz: *chuckles* Is that any way to talk to your brother?
Kakarot: Brother… you’re Raditz?!
Raditz: *gets a shocked look at this reaction*
Kakarot: *goes up and starts eyeballing Raditz* I knew you had long hair, but I didn’t think you’d be so big. Anyway. *hugs Raditz*
Raditz: *knocks Kakarot off of him* Why is this planet still full of life?!
Kakarot: What was that for, I live here!
Raditz: Something went wrong. Seems I’ll have to whip you into shape. Now, come with me or-!
Gine: *exits Kame House* Kakarot? What is going on out-.... Raditz?!
Raditz: M-mother?!
Gine Dialogues
I was requested to do dialogues similar to what I did with Ranch, except with her grandmother.

Now, depending on what MasakoX says in future instalments of "What If Gine Went With Goku to Earth?" series, it would be focused on Gine. I may not focus on Kakarot alone, unless something I find interesting comes up.

Idea belongs to Masako-kun
Dragon Ball belongs to Akira Toriayama

With MasakoX finishing the “What If Raditz Turned Good” series for now, I thought I’d think of the lineup for the Tournament of Power, given what we have so far. I do not claim this headcanon, this is just how I see it. Also, if you are reading this Masako-kun; thanks for doing this for so long, for reading and your time.

First of all: the current lineup is Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, Android 18, Android 17 and Majin Buu, later replaced with Frieza. Buu would no longer be in this likeup as the brothers killed Super Buu and Raditz would automatically be in the lineup.

Any other changes? Well, considering how well Ranch did in the Tournament of Destroyers, she’d likely be picked up. And it’s very likely that since they have an extra member and no need to ask Buu for help, they wouldn’t need to consider Frieza. Plus it would really be up to a decision between Master Roshi and Tien as with the extra Saiyans, they aren’t a man short. Very likely Roshi as that’s who Goku was looking for.

Now Frieza could make a return if Ranch isn’t allowed to come, considering what happened with her confrontation with Hit and while it would be an interesting idea, there is little possibility for bringing Future Zamasu into the fight as not only would he may have some bias for Universe 10 but he’s still in the future where Trunks had him buried in a Mafuba jar.

Even with only the slight change of two members, this would still be an interesting set of changes: Raditz likely having the potara he kept from the last two times he and Goku fused (who knows, maybe we’d get Vegeditz) Vegeta being a Super Saiyan 4, which I dub Primal Super Saiyan and the extra firepower from Ranch, maybe she can get her own transformation as well, a form of Super Saiyan Rage perhaps?

Let me know what you think. And once again, Masako: thanks for such a great series!


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